Thursday, September 30, 2010

Amazing Crystal Cave - How Earth Made Us - S1 Ep1 Preview - BBC Two

It's gigantic cave filled with giant crystals in the mountains of Mexico Naica .. 


 In 2000, a Mexican cave filled with crystals was first discovered. The vault contained some of the largest natural crystals ever found. These are some forms of seliniti, which have increased in length over 10 meters. The researchers describe the cave the cave as a geological wonder of the world. But what is the selinitis? It is a colorless mineral and is a transparent variety of gypsum.
It is worth noting how difficult it is to gyristhoun movies in Cave Naica Cave. H temperature of 50 degrees Celsius in there, but the 100% humidity of the cave makes the place as a cold killer. This combination means that when you breathe air into your body, the surface of your lungs is actually the cooler surface air encounters. This means that the liquid soon begins to condense in your lungs and this is not really a good news.
When the cave was first discovered was just a random event. The miners who worked in the silver mine cave Naica accidentally broke a wall of the cave and suddenly they were surprised by the discovery of the huge crystal-experienced the largest crystals on Earth.But when people first went to explore the cave immediately understood the dangers of the project. Besides the necessary equipment were in direct support of medical teams were on site. Despite all the risks, the absolute beauty of the researchers did not stop and immediately contacted the unique magic. The geology of the area around the cave suggests that there could be even more crystal caves in the area around toNaica.
The geological processes that created the lead and silver have the raw materials for these crystals, the Naica. How they became so big? In many caves and mines the temperature remains constant and cool, but mine Naica warms with depth because it lies above a magma intrusion located about a mile below the surface.
For thousands of years, groundwater saturated with calcium sulfate, which penetrated into the caves of Naica and heated by the heat of magma beneath. As the magma psychotan, the water temperature in the cave eventually stabilized at around 58 degrees Celsius. At this temperature minerals in the water were converted to seliniti, the particles formed as the tiny bricks that slowly formed crystals. In other caves beneath the mountain, the temperature ranged and the environment influenced by other factors, resulting in creating different and smaller crystals. But in the cave of crystals, the conditions that created them have remained unchanged for millennia. Above ground, volcanoes erupted, ice melted, Human generations came and went. However, all the while, slowly the crystals increased steadily. Only when the miners inadvertently drained the cave, only the process of accretion of crystals stopped.


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