have a fun day?

have a fun day?
The refusal of the regularity or the acceptance of the unorthodox.
It is the art of everything. In the inanimate and living. The shape and meaning,
In spirit and body, logic and absurdity.
Everything is architecture. By Hermes Trismegistus, by bacterium.
The Heraclitus said ... Everything flows ....
The Architecture says .... everything in shape ..... so have art in them ..!!

Michael Balaroutsos


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Placement #1

Friday, October 15, 2010

helping to heal the planet

beautiful green roofs helping to heal the planet

Beautiful rooftop garden setting compliments the exterior brick wall. What a sweet place to hang out.
Green rooftops are now becoming a hip-thing of the present, growing in urban cities worldwide. It makes complete sense. According to Science American“Ground cover, shrubs and other flora planted across a building’s roof can reduce storm water runoff, easing the burden on local sewers and water treatment systems. And the vegetation can keep the roof cooler in summer, lowering interior air-conditioning costs and therefore peak demand on area power plants.”
Here’s more:

This one is my favorite green rooftop. It’s the messy hair which reminds me of my own mane.

This one’s a nice shaggy-do which really balances out all that metal. I love how it cascades down the building like a beautiful waterfall, evoking a calm energy.
Of course Europe has been doing the green-roof-thing for more than a decade and according to Science American, “Tokyo now requires that at least 20 percent of any new roof on medium and large buildings be cultivated. Chicago is the U.S. leader. Most installations are made on newly constructed buildings, but retrofits are rising.”
May it continue.

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