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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Europe groans from the financial crisis

A brief analysis
by Michael Balaroutsos

Everywhere around the world, people begin to pray to their gods.They pray to be saved from the coming crisis, never seen in the last 100 years, the entire humanity.
Began with the economic bankruptcy (for the good bankers who put their hand) will continue to hunger and rebellion ended with the hope that this will not end and the world as well.
The spark started from Greece. Now continue with Ireland, not forgetting of course, Iceland.Then comes the turn of Portugal to follow Spain and Italy.This is only the beginning of tile course, because by the time all nations will join in the adventure.
The economic criminals, American, German and Jewish lobby still exists.
Putting forward retraction vassal states to implement their plan, causing the masses to revolt. And as they say in my country, God save us. (Last we are looking to find him as well.)
In Greece everything is despair in them.
Unemployed people increased rapidly to huge sizes. The Greek ceased consciously smiling and walking in the streets see it only angry faces. They stopped all construction and all productive investments, and the taxes imposed by the International Monetary Fund, has led people to poverty and uncertainty. 
Lost interest in any kind of development.
Unfortunately this great of disease would spread throughout Europe, and will migrate slowly across the world.
Some noble politicians (from the existing minimum) are trying to tell the truth, but it's still a few unfortunately.

And others, playing their war games, really wipe entire nations on the pretext of international terrorism, (but deep down in their financial interests), killing innocent people.

Finally to ask a question, Did you manage to make you smile a little.

What is the worst offender; one who rob the bank; or the one who establishes?

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