Friday, September 10, 2010

Tour of Zominthos, Crete-died yesterday John Sakellarakis archaeologist

He was buried by the archaeologist John SakellarakisIn Athens, today celebrated the funeral of John Sakellaraki archaeologist who died yesterday aged 74.Born in Athens in 1936. He graduated from the Faculty of History and Archaeology, University of Athens. He served in many parts of Greece, Crete, Heraklion Museum, first as curator (1963-1968) and later as Director (1980-1987) and in Athens as a curator and curator of the Prehistoric Societies (1970-1980) and Deputy Director ( 1987-1994) of the National Archaeological Museum.
There was a Doctor of the University of Heidelberg and member of the Greek archaeological service in 1963. Excavations carried out in Arhanes, along with his wife Effie Sakellaraki at Ideon Andron and Kythira, where he discovered Zominthos.
He published many books and articles, mainly for the early civilizations of the Aegean.
Awarded with the Effie Sakellaraki by the Academy of Athens and won the gold medal of the University of Crete.
In January 2004 he was honored by the President of the Republic
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