Saturday, September 18, 2010

The remaking of Mumbai

                         Tall and Green Towers:
a courtezy of EvOLO mAGAZINE
The remaking of Mumbai. It was driven by the design studio Antony Wood (Executive Director of the Council on tall buildings and Urban Habitat), in cooperation with the Illinois Institute of Technology and University of Nottingham The purpose of the workshop was to explore in a green architecture for future city of Mumbai, India.
The project to design a complex of tall buildings in a poor neighborhood of C in the southern city inspired by the cultural, physical, and environmental aspects of the region. The result is an exciting master plan consisting of a network with five towers linked by a series of bridges and sky-squares. Each of the towers has a specific plan and propose a solution to some of the major problems of the city.
The first tower called Anapurna designed by Cindy Duong and Shin Young Park as a vertical residential community where residents will have their own vertical properties. The second building was designed by James Rossi and Adam Newman as a giant rainwater collection system that is also equipped with leisure facilities for residents. Among other things, and green technologies, a tower (Bhangar Tower) designed by Jonathan Reinecke and Jason Strada.Einai a large-scale recycling plant. The Tower of Gyana Jacquelina Villa Rafal Stawarz and will be the largest school in Mumbai, while Sadeshi Tower by Nishant Modi and Hiren Patel is a mix of commercial and residential.

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