Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Beautiful Mind-Αρκεί να έχεις ΜΥΑΛΟ....!!!!!!

Click on the drawings to get a better view. Go on, stick your beaks in. 



Now, we've touched on the subject of the woodland folk's hair before - you do remember don't you? I told you that they have seriously uncontrollable hair, which has a texture a bit like a horse's mane, straw and a doormat all rolled into one. I also told you that they HAVE to carry a hairbrush wherever they go. It's a necessity. I do wish you'd listen.
Well, now I'd like to tell you about one remarkable little fella who, unfortunately, I never had the pleasure of meeting. But, he is a bit of a legend in these parts. His name was Bryn the Brush. And, he invented the Swish Army Hairbrush. In fact, Bryn spent most of his life working on redesigning the hair brush.
The story goes that some boy scouts were camping in Bryn's woods, one summer. He watched them from a distance, getting annoyed by them lighting a fire. And, by their annoying singing. Now, apparently the scout leader was using a Swiss Army knife. Bryn was intrigued. He'd never seen such a thing before. It's unusual for the woodland folk to be inspired by anything we humans do, but when Bryn saw the design of this object he became inspired. He did a few sketches, jotted down a few notes and went straight back home to set to work on his idea.

And, this was the end result. Bryn the Brush's Swish Army hairbrush. It just about solves all the problems of 'pixie hair'. To this day this is the most used kind of hairbrush in the in all woodlands and forests. And, the entire thing is made from one twig - apart from the bristles. I think it's pretty special. I love that kind of obsessiveness that drives somebody to make something like this. I mean, how would you even think up something like this? I have no idea.
One other thing you should know about Bryn is that he was hard of hearing.
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