Monday, November 1, 2010

Visonic Technologies-On the pretext SECURITY .......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Επεξεργασία Αναρτήσεων

RFID Tracking-who are watching us in our lives

who are watching us in our lives
A typical ride in a department store.
The operator of the detectors can always be seen on the monitor all the information for every citizen registered in the system. As you read last book, which kind of coffee you drank and when, your medical history, what newspaper you read, what movie you saw in the movie, what do you do and where you work, home address, etc. The list is huge, huge scary!

‘Fake Hills’

‘Fake Hills’ by MAD Architects

‘Fake Hills’ is a building which will offer residential, office and hotel facilities. The 430,000 sqm project by MAD architects is currently under construction. It is located on a waterfront site in Beihai, China.
‘Fake Hills’ by MAD Architects
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