Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Queen - Who Wants to Live Forever


Once upon a time........ 
This is how fairy tales begin from when we were kids..... and the imagination takes us into strange worlds, filled with mystical creatures, fairies, elves, dense forests 
and small houses in the woods, houses in trees. 
The children's adventure at its best is just beginning.

Only these fantastic stories, and sometimes it is true, not only carried out by young children and adults, either because of the nature of life, either because the back of the mind is the child still inside, we do real tree houses.

 So to see in our modern fairy tale, the tree houses of today. 

  Some tribes as having priority security from immemorial time, they built their homes on the trees. So no danger from wild animals, but neither of enemies, after they watched from above and had the most appropriate cover to protect themselves.

  But outside of those breeds and modern people seeking adventure children began to build their dreams with more modern media, and traditional fantasy many times.


Build LLC has built a 300 square foot tree house inside the Armory Building in Manhattan's Upper East Side, as part of a temporary installation. The tree house was designed, fabricated and constructed in four weeks. The structure's envelope is made from 29 prefabricated plywood ribs and wrapped with fabric creating a glowing "tube-lounge". The tube rests on four 26-feet tall by 14-inch diameter logs. A plywood and steel prefabricated staircase allows visitors to access the tree house floor which is 10 feet above the ground. More on the Build LLC blog.


New Zealand’s Tree House Restaurant

The Yellow Tree House stands 10 meters up a Redwood tree in a forest near Warkworth, north of Auckland, New Zealand.  The project was part of a marketing campaign for the Yellow Pages.  Claiming they can “get anything done” Yellow commissioned Pacific Environment Architects to design the treetop restaurant.  The company then posted an ad for an everyday person to run the project and host the restaurant.  Twenty-six year old Tracy Collins was picked from the applicants, and went about sourcing workers and materials from the Yellow Pages directory.We’ve had lots of people questioning whether the tree house is for real because it is an ad campaign. Well, having eaten at the restaurant myself, I can assure people that Tracey, the tree, and the restaurant are real.As it was built on private land, only those with a reservation were let in on the tree house location.  Although the restaurant was only open for bookings between 9 January to 9 February 2009, the Redwood Forest team are now making plans to re-open the venue to the public.

 What do you say? Would engage your imagination? Would you like us to have even for a few moments ... young children? or a young Businessman?
                                                                          THE END

story....tell !!!!! 
Michael Balaroutsos

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