Thursday, November 25, 2010

Area 4 emotions

An installation team raurouw Berlin.By Asterios Agkathidis
Translation Michael Balaroutsos

Area 4 emotionsThe newly created architecture team raurouw, consisting of Kyriakos Chatziparaskefa, Arnd-Benedikt Willert-Klasing, Filippo Lodi, Jörg Petri, aims to turn four emotional states in a spatial installation: shock, restraint, suspension adjustment and converted into an adjacent air rotations, through the use of laser. Guided by the writings of theologian Yorick Spiegel about the four stages of grief. 

 aggathidis.2010.07.02.jpg aggathidis.2010.07.03.jpg
 aggathidis.2010.07.04.jpg aggathidis.2010.07.05.jpg
The mechanism of laser beams installed in the walls of the exhibition space on the basis of special mirrors positioned to reflect the projected light. The pace of change is projected successively to four different times, in proportion to the movements of the viewer, transforming respectively generated intangible space. Visitors can intervene in the above system with special mirrors conferred at the entrance, making the interactive installation. 



 With this project, the German-Romano-Greek group, aims to highlight the social and emotional relationship between space and user. The report is accompanied by sound interventions Trevor Lee Larson, completed on 20.08.2010 at the gallery PROGRAM (Invalidenstrasse 115, 10115, Berlin) under the custody of Carson Chan and Fotini-Lazaridou Chatzigoga.
shock control regression adaptation

A New Brazilian Skyscraper in Time for the World Cup - eVolo | Architecture Magazine

Belo Horizonte, Brazil architect Tiago Viegas has designed a skyscraper for his city, which is the third largest city in Brazil with a metro area population of 5.4 million, that will serve as a hotel, a commercial center and a public park.
The city is set to boom both residentially and commercially when the World Cup is hosted there in 2014, and Viegas seeks to design a building that is “fluid and permeable,” and that will allow public use of typically private areas. For example, he proposes allowing a street to run though the building’s base, and allowing public access to the building’s roof.
The building is ideally located on an empty lot surrounded by the region’s major train and light rail station, the Arrudas River, and the city’s Museum of Arts and Crafts.
The building’s design is an open stacking of units, with access to units only available on every third floor. Keeping access at a minimum has two distinct advantages, says Viegas: less materials are needed in the construction of the building, and also, wind will be able to pass through the open areas, bringing better air circulation for the building. The improved wind circulation also positively affects the city, he says, as tall buildings block the natural wind patterns on the landscape.

Ark Hotel in Shanghai. Incredible, but true. Constructed in only 6 days.

I would not say it has a distinctive artistic element,nor a remarkable history that distinguish it as a building, from the others.It is a building with prefabricated metal entirely neck The walls are also prefabricated and bolted to the metal frame.
But what makes it unique worldwide, is the speed of integration.
Because the video is released some time on the Internet without giving you any special meaning, let's see together how the Chinese built in only 6 days, a luxury hotel

Ark Hotel in Shanghai.
He deserves an award for Guinness

Only in  could we find a video featuring the construction of the 15 floors Ark Hotel built in 6 days.  Located in  this building is level 9 earthquake resistant and incorporates some sustainable practices.
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