Monday, December 6, 2010

Wire Daisies - Never Meant to Hurt You

a superb song !!!!!!!!!!!

Bar Matricola Irish Pub in MILAN -ITALY

Photo: wcities

Bar Matricola.

by Michael Balaroutsos

MATRICOLA.It is a freshman at the university. so called by the Italians. So for me I was 35 years ago in Milan, when first went to the University of Architecture. Some of my friends, even before it well acquainted with the city of Milan, I sent to learn about the BAR MATRICOLA.
In a corner of the 43 Viale Romagna-Pascoli, across from the student home, I drank for the first time Italian coffee. (And it was fantastic).
In a room full of Architects students started to become too Italian, acquiring habits unprecedented for me.
It is not true that in Milan the majority of night clubs, bars or pubs are concentrated in the zone called the 'Citt? Studi' where the largest Universities and student housing is located. In the evening, this area, swarming with people, offers very little and one is obliged to move towards Brera or Ticinese. The only light, in the desert of the zone, is the Bar Matricola appreciated by students, and professors during the lunch break for a snack, a brunch or just for coffee. 
The Matricola is a bar in perfect classical style of an English pub in which excellent beer is served of a thousand qualities. The furnishings and surroundings in dark wood are very elegant and in the evening create a relaxing atmosphere which permits 
one  to  turn one's attention to thoughts that are unbearably lightImpressed by the interior.35 years later, I saw a random photo on the Internet.
It is still there. Proud waiting for new students to learn. With the same design with the same style as before.
Bar Matricola.A very small but important part of my life.

DCMS responds to call for ratification of cultural property bill

Coalition forces were criticised for failing to prevent the destruction of cultural heritage during the 2003 invasion of Iraq

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has written to Unesco pledging to support the introduction of domestic legislation to ratify the 1954 Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict.
A number of cultural organisations, including the Museums Association (MA), wrote to prime minister David Cameron in October this year urging the coalition to legislate on the Draft Cultural Property (Armed Conflicts) Bill, which would ratify the convention in the UK. Progress on the bill has stalled since it was first tabled in 2008.
In response to the petition, minister for culture Ed Vaizey confirmed his department's commitment towards bringing the bill before parliament. He said the government would make protection of cultural property a legislative priority.
MA head of policy and communication Maurice Davies said: “It's good that the new government has pledged its support for ratifying the convention, but they now need to give more details of how they are going to do it and, especially, the timetable.
“We've been waiting far too long already and if the UK wants to show it is serious about its international responsibilities it needs to get a move on.”
UK and US armed forces faced heavy criticism from the international community for failing to prevent the looting and destruction of cultural property during the invasion of Iraq in 2003. The US ratified the Hague convention in March 2009.

DCMS responds to call for ratification of cultural property bill
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