Sunday, December 12, 2010

TORONTO - Renewed Museum Subway Station


What can a few columns, when you give shape from history.They seem to revive forgotten peoples in our current era,

They are like us and absorb us, under the imposing form. Actually the idea of this renovation is fantastic.

Toronto acquired from nowhere, his own Louvre. His own Beaubourg .

The design for the new station platform was created by celebrated Toronto architect,

 Jack Diamond of Diamond + Schmitt Architects.

Working with ROM curators and other specialists, five evocative designs were chosen for Museum station columns; the column designs replicated throughout the station represent ,

First Nations Canada ("The Wuikinuxv First national House Post"), 

Ancient Egypt ("The Osiris Pilaster"), 

Mexico's Toltec Culture which ruled Yucatan from 900 to 1200 AD ("The Toltec Warrior"), 

China's traditional culture ("The Forbidden City Columns") 

and The Parthenon of Ancient Greece ("The Doric Columns").  

And all this ,with just a touch of magic in an underground train station.

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