Thursday, December 16, 2010

Signs of anger from the economic crisis in GREECE

Τhe saying in my previous entry that the supermen of money will only succeed, is to turn the world of all nations, against them.
In GREECE has already begun, making this beginning,with the stooges of politicians.
See the following video.
The first of these, a politician , former minister, accepted the fury of indignant citizens, while the second, at a concert held recently in Athens for the citizens of a particular slum, he attended all the government and the President of the Republic.
In this video, which shows that the final concert was attended only by politicians, priests, and the police (forcibly, because the president), done for the people but without people!!!! you will hear very clearly the last, to curse them all in chorus, cheering them fascists (FASISTES) ,  traitors (PRODOTES) and disgrace (ESHOS).
Since this blog deals with anything is art in it , I tried to find some Hidden ART.
You know where I finally found?
Evening on the news from television channels, I heard with great surprise that in artistic event in Athens 
where he attended the Government and the President, 10 rogue anarchists tried to create impressions. The magnificence   ART OF LIE

Michael Balaroutsos

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