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The actor, director, writer, musician and versificator...... Charlie Chaplin!

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At the age of five years, replaces the mother in the theater, when he broke his voice, saying a well-known pop songs of the era, superbly humorous way.
The employer of his mother and head of scene was the one who pulled out on stage.
Spawn two musicians, singers. By Hannah Chaplin and Charles Chaplin. Their marriage was celebrated on 22/06/1885. Father alcoholic, who leaves his family to go to America to continue his career there. His mother Hannah, in fragile health. One health problem in the throat, forcing it to abandon her career. Following this unfortunate incident, and while the little son  Charles, who attended, at the age of five years, replaces the mother in the theater when  "broke" she's voice, telling a familiar pop song of the era, superbly humorous way . The employer of his mother and head of scene was the one who pulled out on stage.

The family problem grows when the mother is hospitalized in a psychiatric clinic from May 1903 until 1921 (it brings to America  Chaplin.)
In April  of 26 of the year 1889, was born in Wolworth, London of England, by Charles Spencer Chaplin, ,the famous again later Charlie Chaplin - Charles - Sharlo.
He was still at the age of three years, when abandoned by all his family from his father.
Almshouses and charitable homes are next residential, home and lives with his half-brother, Syd who was born in Sydney Hawkes. Their mother, now enclosed in Cane Hill Asylum.
Officially, as an artist no longer appears in the eight years with the troupe of male dancers of the Eight Lancashire Lads.
At eighteen, he toured the U.S. with a vaudeville troupe, which had been placed under Fred Kanro, until 1910 at the age of twenty one years.
December 1913 traveling west. California. Here sign with Keystone Studios, in Mack Sennett, already famous comedy writers and director. He had seen Charlie in New York on stage.
Written immediately to his brother Syd, to come in order to be such a manager.
At Keystone is playing in thirty six films. Almost in all its pretends Little Trap.
The thirty-six films to Keystone Studios are as  below... (all productions of Mack Sennett):

Year 1914: 1. Making A Living -(Slicker), 2. Kid Auto Races Venice -(Tramp), 3. Mabel’s Strange Predicament -(Tramp), 4. A Thief Catcher -(A Policeman), 5. Between Showers-(Masher), 6. A Film Johnnie -(The Film Johnnie), 7. Tango Tangles -(Tipsy Dancer), 8. His Favorite Pastime -(Drinker), 9. Cruel Cruel Love -(Lord Helpus), 10. The Star Border -(The Star Boarder), 11. Mabel At The Wheel -(Villain), 12. Twenty Minutes Of Love -(Pickpocket), 13. Caught In A Cabaret -(Waiter), 14. Caught In The Rain -(Tipsy Hotel Quest), 15. A Busy Day -(Wife), 16. The Fatal Mallet -(Suitor), 17. Her Friend The Bandit -(Bandit), 18. The Knockout -(Referee), 19. Mabel’s Busy Day -(Tipsy Nuisance) 20. Mabel’s Married Life -(Mabel’s Husband), 21. Laughing Gas -(Dentist’s Assistant, 22. The Property Man -(The Property Man), 23. The face On The Bar Room Floor -(Artist), 24. Recreation -(Tramp), 25. The Masquerader -(Film Actor), 26. His New Profession -(Charlie), 27. The Rounder’s -(Reveler), 28. The New Janitor -(Janitor), 29. Those Love Pangs -(Masher), 30. Dough And Dynamite -(Waiter), 31. Gentlemen Of Nerve -(Impecunious Track Enthusiast), 32. His Musical Career -(Piano Mover), 33. His Trysting Place -(Husband), 34. Tillie’s Punctured Romance -(Charlie, A city Slicker), 35. Getting Acquainted -(Spouse), 36. His Prehistoric Past -(Weakchin).
Note: a) within brackets after the dash is the role it pretends.
b) Apart from the first eleven (1. to 11. 13 and 16.. 18 19.. 34. AA) films, sixteen in number, which is merely pretending interpret a role, in all the rest (12 14. 15.. and 20. to 36. AA), twenty in number, in addition to stars too, and now writes their scripts but also directs. (At No. 17. directing )


November 1914 leaving from Keystone (although his latest film here to turn on 7 December 1914), and sign with the Essanay Film Manufacturing Company, which creates fifteen films, the production belongs to Jesse T. Robbins.
The fifteen films from the Essanay Film is below: (all those Charlie Chaplin wrote, directed and stars):

Year 1915: 1. His New Job - (Film Extra), 2. A Night Out - (Reveler), 3. The Champion - (Aspiring Pugilist), 4. In The Park - (Charlie), 5. A Jitney Elopement - (Suitor, The Fake Count), 6. The Tramp - (The Tramp), 7. By The Sea - (Stroller), 8. Work - (Decorator's Apprentice), 9. A Woman - (Charlie / "The Woman"), 10. The Bank - (Janitor), 11. Shanghaied - (Charlie), 12. A Night In The Show - (Mr Pest And Mr Rowdy), 13. Burlesque On Carmen - (Darn Hosiery), Year 1916: 14. Police - (Ex Convict), Year 1918: 15. Triple Trouble - (Janitor).
In 1916 he sign with the Mutual Film Corporation (although still in there the previous company productions and even until 1918) and makes the following midnight movies (in all are now out of the script and the director of leadership Has the responsibility of production):
Year 1916: 1. The Floorwalker - (Impecunious Customer), 2. The Fireman - (Fireman), 3. The Vagabond - (Street Musician), 4. One A.M. - (Drunk), 5. The Count - (Tailor's Apprentice), 6. The Pawnshop - (Pawnbroker's Assistance), 7. Behind The Screen - (Property Man's Assistant), 8. The Rink - (Waiter and Skating Enthusiast), Year 1917: 9. Easy Street - (Vagabond Recruited To Police Force Alcoholic), 10. The Cure - (Gentleman At Spa), 11. The Immigrant - (Immigrant), 12. The Adventurer - (Escaped Convict).
June 1917 sign with First National Studios, where the creation of nine films. These now apart from the great above properties, and adds that the composer (in particular under the AA 1. 3 6.. and 9.) films are as very below:
Year 1918: 1. A Dog's Life - (Tramp), 2. The Bond - (Tramp), 3. Shoulder Arms - (Recruit), Year 1919: 4. Sunnyside - (Farm Handyman), 5. A Day's Pleasure - (Father), Year 1921: 6. The Kid - (Tramp), 7. The Idle Class - (Tramp / Husband), Year 1922: 8. Pay Day - (Laborer), Year 1923: 9. The Pilgrim - (Escaped Convict).
... and immediately after creating the Chaplin Studios. In 1919, together with Dougias Fairbanks, Mary Pickford & Dw Griffith, create United Artists (UA). Created eight movies where all (total) talents of Charlie Chaplin emerges, and they are very below:
Year 1923: 1. A Woman Of Paris - (Porter), Year 1925: 2. The Gold Rush - (Lone Prospector), Year 1928: 3. The Circus - (Tramp), Year 1931: 4. City Lights - (Tramp), Year 1936: 5. Modern Times - (A Worker), Year 1940: 6. The Grate Dictator - (Adenoid Hynkel / The Barber Year 1947: 7. Monsieur Verdoux - (Monsieur Henri Verdoux), Year 1952: 8. Limelight - (Calvero).

Following the ban on his return to USA in 1952 and now residing in Europe is, creates his last two films, which they did in England:
Year 1957: 1. A King In New York - (King Shahdov) not played in America unless in 1967, is the production of the Attica Archway Production. It is here and the overall care as above. Year 1967: 1. A Countess From Hong Kong - (An Old Steward), the production here is owned by Universal Production technique in Panavision and Technicolor, in particular belongs to the producer Jerome Epstein. The Chaplin here keeps a small role. All others belong to creativity.
The following list is of films that are either never played or left unfinished. Many aspects of these films has used his other complete films. So, apart from eighty-two before mentioned movies, there are also:

Year 1915 - 1916: 1. Life, 2. How To Make Movies - (Himself), directed production scenario. Year 1918: 1. Untitled - (Himself), directed production scenario. Year 1919: 1. The Professor - (Professor Bosco), Fri sen. dir. Year 1922: nice And Friendly - (Villain), Fri sen. dir. Year 1926: A Woman Of The Sea, Fri Year 1933: All At Sea - (Himself), entekalepto private use. Year 1966 - 1975: The Freak, sen. Year 1915: Introducing Charlie Chaplin, Year 1916: 1. The Essanay Chaplin Revue - (Ex Convict), sen. dir. 2. Zepped, propaganda came filkm published in 2009. Year 1918: Chase Me Charlie, sen. dir. Year 1959: The Chaplin Revue - (Tramp / Recruit / Escaped Convict / himself) Music. Fri sen. dir. Year 1975: The Gentleman Tramp (scenes from the lives of Chaplin and his family in Switzerland).

Life is full of scandals, public debates and challenges.

The scandal first made ​​its appearance was during the First World War, when questioned by his countrymen, his love for his homeland and his native England, although that was never apply for naturalization - n. in America, having stated at times it is a playing visitor.
The British compatriots, called him lazy and cowardly. Along with some other events completed the suspicion of the FBI and the head of J. Edgar Hoover, and the House Un - American Activities Council - (HUAC) -, putting Charlie in its eye of the cyclone, the subcutaneous communist propaganda, which, rather, oozes and passed through his films.
First talking film, Grate Dictator, who made a terrible impression, creating a stir with the caricature version, for the subsequent bloody Hitler. Many and contradictory comments. Others loved it, others called it "poor subject and spectacle, " "nasty, " "had done wrong. " Despite this, the attached five million U.S. dollars, five nominations for Oscar - Academy Award Nominations, and the overall World now identified. It is said that Hitler learned of the film, saw its hated intolerable Chaplin. The latter when he learned, he said he would give anything to know how he thought and what were the impressions of Hitler on film.
It also said that Hitler described its Jew, making thus its Chaplin, the aim of the Nazis.

It also said that the standard of the toothbrush mustache Chaplin, Hitler adopted it in order to be more recognizable and loved by the world.
Another scandal, erotic nature, this time it happened, when divorced from Joan Barry, who was only twenty-two years old. The divorce was final in 1942, after a lot of aggressive harassment by her. (he was attacked by this woman in the house, where he lived with his new family in order to burn them alive). In May 1943, this woman came back, demanding recognition of the child's pregnant, saying that it is his. At the trial held in 1944, awarded the maintenance seventy-five US dollars a month until the child reaches twenty-one year of. The court did not accept a blood test to prove the nonpaternity, because does not was evidence in this method, that period.
The appraisal by sympathy for the Soviets and their struggle, against the Nazis, brought him once again faced with the challenge of ideas, feelings and preferences against the Communists. In an interview called apology, which meeting was postponed shortly after on the grounds of non-hazardous to the national security to country.
In 1952 he traveled with his family in London to attend the premiere of his film Limelight, on his return but was not allowed re-entry to America. So with family moved to Switzerland.
He made four marriages. He received eleven children. In 1918 he joined the Mildred Harris, became a child, the mouse, as called until the end by Chaplin, Norman, who lived only three days. They divorced in 1920.
In 1924 he married with Lita Gray. Acquire two children. Charles and Sidney Chaplin. They divorced in 1927.
In 1943, he married with the daughter of Eugene O 'Neill, (Oona O' Neill) - Oona Chaplin. Acquire eight children, Geraldin, Michael, Josephine, Victoria, Eugene, Jane, Annete Emilie, Christopher, all of them Chaplin.
When he married the daughter of O 'Neill, he was fifty-four and Oona just eighteen. Inspired by Nabokov's Lolita project, rather it was this relationship, this marriage.
In contrast to the shocking public appearance, he was just a quiet - peaceful, low key person.
In 1921 he was decorated from the French Government for his outstanding services to filmography as an excellent worker of his film.
In 1952 he was awarded the title of Officer of the Legion of Honour back from the French Government.
In 1972 he received the Oscar, for the invaluable contribution to the department of the cinema arts through which was elected the one special beauty of the 20th century.
To 1973 gets the Oscar for the film Limelight.
In 1975 he received the Knight Bachelor of the Order of the British Empire - Queen's Honors List, for his services in entertainment.
Also won by the New York Philharmonic for his music.
Deserves Knight of the Queen of England.
In 1916 became the first actor in the world to marketed in cartoon.
In 1925 he becomes ​​the cover in TIME. The first actor who became the cover of this magazine.
The postage stamp becomes 1994. Here are other actors.
In 1998 once again becomes postage stamp on the closure of the millennium.
Empire magazine, record, in the list of a hundred more big stars of all time.
1992 becomes the movie about his life, starring Robert Downey Jr.
His mother belonged to the tribe Romanisol (English gypsy tribe).
The height is 1,65 cm.
He lived some time with his father in the same household with his mistress.
In 1950, the song Smile becomes No. 2 in the UK charts when sung by the Nat King Cole. The song was written for the movie Modern Times, and was beloved by Michael Jackson.
In 1960 his song, This Is My Song for the movie A Countess From Hong Kong becomes No. 1 with Petula Clark.
In 1964 the issue «My Autobiography».
In 1974 the issue «My Life In Pictures».
He has also authored as:
«My Trip Abroad», and «A Comedian Sees the World».
He died from natural causes, on 25/12/1977, while asleep on the night of Christmas.
01/03/1978 On his corpse was stolen from the grave. Three months later, the perpetrators were arrested, a group of engineers, who removed to obtain ransom by the family.
Eleven weeks later, the corpse from the lake that was found, by the family moved and buried again in thickness 1,80 cm, with reinforced concrete, new grave, to prevent future similar events.

He was one of the greatest people in the world of cinema. With huge popularity.

This hopeful eyes, onto the chaotic society, in Warrenof the life, the human daily difficulties of people's labor, indicates how sweet, how hope, optimism and a smile should not be missed by anyone.

"This is what will happen to you - they can wait - life wants a smile - and the rainbows did not find looking down but only as tall and gazing at the sky.
Since I am a tree rooted in the earth, I prefer to be a Flea "...

In the film has used music. Also lyrics. Other music he has written himself, others have co-written with others, some written by others. The same had happened to the lyrics.
Music for the works he wrote himself, like the Show and starred as actor, sang, always in total command of general all planning and execution, from conception of an idea to the final editing, posters and costume design, the persons, all.
It was not, as a perfectionist who did not prevent even cancel advanced productions by putting them in the file, if it was not for any reason to achieve the final goal.
In the childhood and teenage years, he made his own practice on the violin. Devote four to six hours daily. The first took the music lessons from his mother and his father, the theater who was working his mother (since he always took with her not to leave him alone in rented rooms which living), but also by anyone who could help.
"I played the violin with the Left hand, resulting in the strings are upside down. I had big ambitions for concerts and recognitions, but seeing the time that passed that I'm not about to quit excellence. "irony and humor, said:"I could certainly excel in cello but it could do it all. "
In Mutual Film Company knows and meets musicians as Paderewski & Leopold Godovski.

In 1916 he founded with three others, a company record. "After we managed to sell three albums by the two thousand who had to play two very bad my own compositions and songs" then shut down the company.
"In my music for my films I have tried to give a romantic tone, in contrast to the realism and the Tramp roles that I presented.
"This music of the film should not be music concert. Never exceed of the voice of the camera. Instead should give and be able to do, feelings and meanings that will carry them to the public between small spaces with given supporting the camera. "

"The music of that era, Meredith Wilson, the shooting of the Great Dictator, saying that," I do not know man, so devoted to the ideal of perfection other than Charlie Chaplin ". "trying and he found - discovered every little or big mistake and flew out, either the image or music. Paid attention to detail even the tone or volume that had to express the mood he wanted. "There are many people who, having watched some film shooting, they have to say much about the perfection of such features for a scene gun , There were more than a hundred shots in order to achieve accuracy and perfection of the scene.

At the end of the performance of the the film Modern Times continues Meredith Wilson, said: "I enjoyed the movie but my music was awful."
She never ceased, among elite friends and acquaintances to include everything, names such as Rachmaninov, Horowitz, Stravinsky, Hanns Eisler & Schoenberg.
In his "Autobiography", he wrote later, the following:
"The writers are very good people but they do not convey. Most of what is and what knowing the hidden between the covers of books.
Scientists are a great company, but their presence alone in a room paralyze the rest of us.
The Painters are boring. They all want to believe that most philosophers than artists.
The Poets are arguably the gentry. As individuals in a pleasant, tolerant and excellent companion.

But I think the musicians as a whole is more cooperative than any other category. There is nothing more warm and touching than the sight of a symphony orchestra. The romantic lighting consoles their coordination and the sudden silence when the conductor makes his appearance. This confirms the sociability and the conscious and cooperative mood.
When no one could write music, whispering.
He used to say: "I have not written myself. I La Laed and Arthur Johnston put it on paper. Everything is simple music, this is just my style. "
It sought enosis a perfect balance in the comedy (passion and ability), so creating the perfect scenery and the music.
Although uneducated, said Timothy Brock-western notation, and there was never presented, nothing less than an innate charismatic talented music composition (construction). If for any music or musical themes, worked or were involved and several different notation and arrangers, the charisma, the melody and harmony during the capture of musical themes and the ability to perfectly accompany the action Continue to say loud and a the readability of all his movies.
In the family archive there are many pieces in many tapes, recorded documents, which he had recorded when he made himself a number of exercises and improvising on various musical topics. "... even if it would remember that it is the tone, you will remember the original, how black and white keys did."
In the family home in Switzerland, continued until the end of his life, to know and to forge relationships with famous and excellent musicians, Arthur Rubinstein, Isaac Stern, Rudolf Serkin, Clara Haskil.
In 1942 he returned in 1925 and changed the cards of silent Gold Rush, putting his voice and added, and new musical themes.
His daughter Josephine Looking back nostalgically, remembers, the spiritually Compline, who turned off the lights and lit a candle, he found the family to enjoy in their living room, classical music, a prominent leader, their father, Charlie.
Below follow the lyrics of the songs used in various films and not only:
1. Music Charles Chaplin for his film The Freak, 1969, lyrics Glen Anthony. A favorite song he liked his wife Oona. The film was never completed. Involved in the tragic case of a young girl with wings ... ... ... ... ... informally as the titloforouse «Love Song» and «My Love», orchestrated by Eric James.

You are the song

My love, you are the song
That sings inside of me
The song is always the same
It starts with love, and ends with your name

The more that I love you
There’s more in you to love
And yet, I just don’t know how

I could love you more
Than I do right now

They say that love grows old
But our love turned to gold
You kiss my sorrows away
And warm my heart
what more can I say ?

Each day my life is new
For God bless me with you
And when my life is all through
Without a word
You always knew
That all of my life
My life was you

2. The lyrics for the musical theme of the film Limelight, the music is written by Charlie Chaplin, is what earned him an Oscar in 1973. This movie, released in 1952, is part of a long history as I mentioned earlier and as such information to the Autobiography of Charlie Chaplin.


I'll be loving you eternally
With a love that's true, eternally
From the start, within my heart
It seems I've always known
The sun would shine
When you were mine
And mine alone
I'll be loving you eternally
There'll be no one new, my dear, for me
Though the sky should fall
Remember I shall always be
Forever true and loving you
Though the sky should fall
Remember I shall always be
Forever true and loving you

Charlie Chaplin's Limelight theme (original)


3. Charabia for the movie Modern Times. The lyrics of the the characteristic scene where Charlie Chaplin, in a party, lose the note and is forced to improvise. The dance of it, unprecedented.

Se bella giu satore

Je notre si cavore
Je la tu la ti la twah
La spinash o la bouchon
Cigaretto Portobello
Si rakish spaghaletto
Ti la tu la ti la twah
Señora pilasina
Voulez-vous le taximeter?
Le zionta su la seata
Tu la tu la tu la wa
Sa montia si n'amora
La sontia so gravora
La zontcha con sora
Je la possa ti la twah
Je notre so lamina
Je notre so cosine
Je le se tro savita
Je la tossa vi la twah
Se motra so la sonta
Chi vossa l'otra volta
Li zoscha si catonta
Tra la la la la la la


with lyrics


4. for the movie City Lights in 1931, to which the main female role concerns in a blind girl, for the which Charlie takes care to find the money needed for the surgery and to recover her sight. This idea of this song was about this movie, but never used for this purpose.

Beautiful wonderful eyes

I can’t forget
when first we met
Beneath the starry skies
But most of all
I would recall
The magic of your eyes


Beautiful eyes
What have they seen to make them so beautiful ?
Wonderful eyes
What have they dreamed to make them so wonderful ?
Sorrowful eyes
What have they lost to make them so sorrowful ?
Beautiful wonderful eyes

Through all the tears
Through all the years
The vision never dies
Again I see
In memory
The magic of your eyes

see the video here!!!!!!

5. Himself, Charlie Chaplin interprets in movie Limelight, 1952, this wonderful song about spring.

Spring Song

Spring is here.
Birds are calling.
Skunks are crawling.
Wagging their tails for love!
Spring is here.
Whales are churning.
Worms are squirming.
Wagging their tails for love!
What is this thing
Of which I sing
That makes us all bewitched?
What is this thing
That comes in Spring
That gives us all the itch?
Oh, it's love, it's love,
It's love, love, love, love, love
Love, love, love, love, love, love, love,
Love, love, love, love, love, love, love.

6. Sardine Song, music and lyrics by Charles Chaplin. Sings himself. For the purposes to film Limelight.

Sardine Song

When I was three, my nurse told me,
About reincarnation,
And ever since, I've been convinced,
Thrilled with anticipation,
That when I leave this earth,
It makes my heart feel warm,
To know that I'll return,
In some other form,

But I don't want to be a tree,
Sticking in the ground,
I'd sooner be a flea,
I don't want to be a flower,
Waiting by the hour,
Hoping for pollens to alight on me,
So when I cease to be,
I want to go back I want to go back,
I want to go back to the sea,

Oh for the life of a sardine,
That is the life for me,
Cavorting and spawning every morning,
Under the deep blue sea,
To have no fear for storm or gale,
Oh to chase the tail of a whale,
Oh for the life of a sardine,
That is the life for me,

When I'm a fish,
It is my wish,
For lots of recreation,
To drink my fill up to the gill,
With no intoxication,
I want fun in the sea,
Not in this world of strife,
With its morality,
Give me the animal life,

But I don't want to be carrot,
Sticking in the ground,
I 'd rather be a maggot,
Life without a will,
Would surely make me ill,

To get a little action,
I'd even be a pill,
So when I cease to be,
I want to go back I want to go back,
I want to go back to the sea,

Oh, for the life of a sardine,
That is the life for me,
Cavorting and spawning every morning,
Under the deep blue sea,
To have no fear of a fisherman's net,
Oh what fun to be gay and all wet,
Oh for the life under the sea,
That is the life for me.

7. I'm bound for Texas land. For the purposes to film Bound for Texas. Music and lyrics by Charles Chaplin. Sing  Matt Monro. It was originally written in 1959 for The Pilgrim. Finally in 1959 comes to The Chaplin Revue. Introducing the film, the scene that the train passes.  Charlie trying to find a way to ensure a train ticket.

I'm tried of the city,
Of smoke stack and steel,
I'm tried of the grind,
Of the factory wheel,
I'm spreading my wings,
And I'm ready to fly,
To the land of the wide open sky,

I'm bound for Texas,
Bound for Texas,
Bound for Texas land.
To hear the moo and rattle,
Of snakes and cattle,
I'm bound for Texas land,

I'll save up my money,
And look for a wife,
A wife who be true,
And a pal for life,
I'll build her a home,
And a room for a child,
With the roses, around growing wild,

I'm bound for Texas,
Bound for Texas,
Bound for Texas land.
To hear the moo and rattle,
Of snakes and cattle,
I'm bound for Texas land,

I'll sing her a song,
At the end of the day,
A song that will drive

all our cares away,
I'll sing out (in) the prairie,
The blue starry skies,
And the stars shining bright in her eyes,

I'm bound for Texas,
Bound for Texas,
Bound for Texas land.
To hear the moo and rattle,
Of snakes and cattle,
I'm bound for Texas land,

I'll work on a ranch,
Where there's plenty of sun,
With my horse and my saddle,
My rope and gun,
I'll ride on the prairie,
My face to (the) sky,
And the rest of the world can go by,

I'm bound for Texas,
Bound for Texas,
Bound for Texas land.
To hear the moo and rattle,
Of snakes and cattle,
I'm bound for Texas land.

8. Swing Little Girl music and lyrics by Charles Chaplin. Song by Charles Chaplinhimself wrote in 1970 for his film The Circus.

Swing Little Girl

Swing Little Girl,
Swing, high, to the sky,
And don't ever look at the ground,
If you're looking for rainbows,
Look up, to the sky,
You'll never find Rainbows,
If you're looking down,
Life maybe be dreary,
But never the same,
Some day (s), it's sunshine
Some day (s), it's rain,
Swing Little Girl,
Swing high, to the sky,
And don't ever look to the ground,
If you're looking for rainbows,
Look up to the sky,
But never, no never, look down.

9. This is My Song. The lyrics of Charles Chaplin in the musical theme, which he wrotefor the movie A Countess of Hong Kong recorded by Petula Clark in 1967.

This is My Song
Why is my heart so light,
Why are the stars so bright,
Why is the sky so blue,
Since the hour I met you,

Flowers are smiling bright
Smiling for our delight,
Smiling so tenderly,
For the world, you and me,

I know why the world is smiling,
Smiling so tenderly,
It hears the same old story,
Through all eternity

Love, this is my song,
Here is a song, a serenade to you,
The world cannot be wrong,
If in this world there is you

I care not what the world may say,
Without your love there is no day,
So, love, this is my song
Here is a song, a serenade to you


This is my Song. Charlie Chaplin.Tribute to: Brigitte Bardot.

He has also composed and written lyrics for several songs like: Sing a Song, With You Dear in Bombay, and There's Always One You Can't Forget. The Smile, Eternally, You are My Song, so perfect as his films, the productions, the staging and the leading roles.

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