Friday, December 16, 2011

Kona Residence by MLK Studio


Being a Hawaiian home, The Kona Residence set out to become a modern incarnate of everything you feel in Hawaii minus the kitsch. It’s surrounded by water and set around bubbly lava rocks. It’s made of wood that expands and contracts with the humidity. The place looks like a city loft softened and remixed for island living.
When you first step up to the Kona Residence you’re greeted with a latticework plywood parabola that looks like a piece of a cornucopia shell magnified thousands of times and cut off near the base. The huge arching structure surrounded by water has become a sort of favorite hangout spot for residents, but it’s just a grand entrance and indication of what’s to come.
The actual residence area consists of four main structures. The main pavilion houses the living, dining and master suite. The couple’s three children and the guesthouse each received three bedrooms and bathrooms for the home. The fourth structure houses a screening room where everyone can gather.
While each of the Kona Residence’s structures are impressive, it’s the main pavilion that has the most striking flexibility. Slide away walls run through the center of the complex beneath beams of reclaimed teak and a stepped frame of lava stone. The outside wall is bordered with large vases filled with orchids (one of the owner’s favorite flowers), and the infinity lap pool is built to mirror the sun and sky like a reflective pool.
Nine foot high windows also blur the border between the indoors and out, offering an impressive interior view of the living area, where inside everything feels like an extension of modern island life with an edge. Step into the Kona House and you’ll know it instantly; this is the real Hawaii.

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