Thursday, December 15, 2011

Melbourne Rectangular Stadium brings sustainability to the sports world

Eco Architecture.
Eco Factor: Sustainably designed stadium harvests rainwater and natural light.
Trying to grace the sports world with a green stadium, Cox Architects has designed the Melbourne Rectangular Stadium that combines state-of-the-art engineering with sustainability. The stadium has a bubble-like façade .

melbourne rectangular stadium

melbourne rectangular stadium 3
The stadium will have enough space to seat about 30,000 spectators and features a unique cantilever design, which coupled with a triangular panelized façade uses 50% less steel than a typical cantilevered roof structure.

melbourne rectangular stadium 4
The envelope will be composed of a combination of glass, metal and louvers, and the architects are planning a photovoltaic thin-film integration that will help power the stadium’s LED lighting units. The dome will also feature a rainwater harvesting system, natural lighting and natural ventilation to lower the structure’s dependence on grid electricity.

melbourne rectangular stadium 5

melbourne rectangular stadium 6

melbourne rectangular stadium 7


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