Friday, December 16, 2011

New Amsterdam Plein & Pavilion in NYC

A new flowering pavilion has been placed in New York City’s Peter Minuit Plaza. It was created by UNStudio and was presented as a gift from the Dutch government to the people of New York. The structure is sleek and modern, serving as a hub: a culinary outlet and an information point.
This modern piece of architecture is curvy and smooth. It features a free-flowing design with four different sides, each one providing a different function: one is an information hub, the second has a mapping system with GPS tracking that tells you where you are, the third presents a list of events in the city of New York, and the forth side has food and beverages. Cool…

“The Pavilion’s completed roof and undulating sidewalls glow with polished white surfaces, which frame the fritted glass enclosures. These four wings radiate from a center oculus, which is punctuated by polished aluminum grill work, facilitating the ventilation of the building. The pavilion will be equipped with an electronic LED facade system that allows for a constantly changing light show at night, -an experience that will carry the animation and drama of the day into the evening,- according to the architect Ben van Berkel.”


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