Friday, December 16, 2011

See the breathtaking views from the new World Trade Center

             by   ELENA Bouzala
Translation  Michael Balaroutsos
 The view from the under construction new World Trade Center is exciting. New York looks like a piece of art either is photographed day or only night. Watch floor by floor through the photographs the progress of work. We always Love NY!

The view from the top of the Tower of Liberty, or as will be called eventually of Building 1 of the New World Trade Center on August 10, 2011.

Steel pillars installed on 10 August in the 78th floor.

Irons transferred on September 20.

As the projects went on 28 September. Two rectangular tanks are there that once prevailed the Twin Towers. Between the two tanks is a garden with 400 white oaks, where it was planted and the "tree of survival", a tree somewhat inexplicably remained almost untouched by the horrific fire attack.

Looking north from the 77th floor.

The view from east on October 14.

Yes, Americans able to work quickly. Dec. 6.

No it is not tweaked photo ... Landscape in the Mist on December 8.

Great night on December 13.

Blessed city ...

Hello Brooklyn!!! December 14.

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