Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Timmelsjoch Experience Pass Museum by Werner Tscholl

The Timmelsjoch Experience is a walk along a historic trail used for trade in the mountains of Austria. The Experience features architectural sculptures along the way that serve to enlighten travelers about the history, culture, community and economy of the region. Werner-Tscholl Architects designed the Pass Museum for The Experience that acts as an “ice cave” that documents the history of the Timmelsjoch trail.
The architectural sculpture was designed to blend into the natural landscape surrounding the Timmelsjoch Trail in an experimental way. Werner-Tscholl created the model with a unique aesthetic then built the unusual museum that is uniform in material and color to its background. The building serves as modern art and a testament to mans’ ingenuity in adjusting the landscape to live in harmony with it along the trail, since ancient times. The Timmelsjoch Trail is open during warmer months and to experience it visit the site - Timmelsjoch Trail.

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