Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The End of the Line

by Michael Balaroutsos architect.

I dont know if I need a law to prohibit the feeding of Japanese with dolphins, but I know that a law allowing the brutal murder.
It bothers me too much, the global behavior of all nations in this ultimate problem.
Dolphins, orcas and many marine mammals, have developed intelligence.

So are our buddies, the puppies.
Just think, if a nation decides to put them in the diet, especially those who have noble descent, how would react the entire planet?

How Do the Japanese react ?

The Cove PSA - My Friend Is...

The Greek-American Louie Psihogios, photographer of National Geographic, was among the winners of the Oscars, and won the award for Best Documentary «The Cove» («The Bay").
The documentary deals with the tradition of dolphin slaughter in a fishing village in Japan. Each year, the fishermen of the village of Taiji trapping some 2,000 dolphins in a cove, some choose to sell to aquariums and kill the rest.
The team of «The Cove» took years to gather material for the movie, using hidden cameras or clandestine videotaping during the night.
The film also highlights the risks to health from the consumption of dolphin meat contains high amounts of mercury.
The film has provoked the ire of fishermen and local authorities, which adopted a statement which expressed their dissatisfaction with the film that contains false information, not based on scientific truth. " They also stress that the hunting of dolphins is perfectly legal.

The Cove Trailer

The End of the Line Trailer

The optimism never died in AUSTRALIA

These children are living historic moments of their lives.
Certainly have plenty to say to their offspring. It only remains to recall, what song was playing
 the piano, the slushy young artists.
Here comes a great message.
The art never yielding, in any disaster they encountered.
Photo: Tim Wimborne/Reuters

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