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The "mafia" of food and mutant

The snapshot played before, about a month in Davos during the World Economic Forum (WEF), captures the most brutal way the structure of the prices of food, what and how they decide which people will starve, the Who is behind the global food crisis and what to serve interests of thousands of people die daily from hunger.
The news came in fine and shows the head of USAID (US Agency for International Development - United States Agency for International Development) Dr Rajiv Shah outline, inter alia, the general directors of Unilever and Monsanto and all together as a punch to preach the opening of the symposium, "Realizing a new vision for agriculture.

The new vision of USAID for agriculture translates into support 17 multinational giants operating mainly in the fields of biotechnology and GM foods, support is, as Dr. he said, "to create partnerships between the public and private sectors to address global challenge of food safety.
In short, Americans have developed a plan to address the hunger that plagues the world, supporting 17 "champion" companies - Archer Daniels Midland, BASF, Bunge Limited, Cargill, Coca-Cola, DuPont, General Mills, Kraft Foods, Metro AG, Monsanto Company, Nestl矇, PepsiCo, SABMiller, Syngenta, Unilever, Wal-Mart, Yara International - accused of destroying the environment, public health and agricultural land through the use of insecticides, pesticides and the apotheosis of genetically modified seeds . Companies often have been accused of violating labor relations and even human rights.

Rajiv Shah The professors could not even hide his enthusiasm for the plan of salvation of the world came to be said ... "we are witnessing an unprecedented opportunity for innovative and large-scale partnership with the private sector would bring significant achievements in the war against global hunger.

The big bay

The head of USAID, to show that not only words and that the salvation of underdeveloped countries is a matter of time, they will put their hand to the GM multinationals, today announced two measures ... The first Tanzania, the African country where a in five children die of starvation before reaching five years of age. The Doctor said that USAID is investing 2 million U.S. dollars to Tanzania for the "rapid and sustainable agricultural development in the country which will bring significant benefits to small farmers and rural communities. The funding is in collaboration with public and private agencies and the project is the country become a "granary" of the mutant with a tripling of agricultural production, which will turn out, as the initiators of the project, from poverty and 2 million people will create 500,000 jobs! Behind funding, of course, the implementation of "charity" project are multinationals Yara, General Mills, Monsanto and Syngenta, the plan provide for future expansion to at least five more countries in Africa. The second step made by USAID in Davos was the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the biotechnology giant DSM, which is the world's largest producer of minerals and vitamins, to increase the nutritional quality in the developing world, starting with the 'fortress' of rice in countries such as Bangladesh, Cambodia, Ghana, Mali, Senegal and Tanzania, of course.

All these initiatives are part of the program «Feed the Future» promoted by the U.S. government, as set out, improving agricultural productivity, promoting market development and facilitate the development of trade in 20 more precarious nutritional countries planet. But the help comes through investment in innovation and research, two apparently innocent words, but they hide their real intentions, which are other than promoting the use of genetically modified food and pesticides and herbicides in the accompanying through the manipulation of crops and enforcement of seed giants peddling the world of genetic engineering.

The "Trojan horses"

Organizations that promote organic agriculture and sustainable development for two years have criticized the role of "Trojan horse" played by giants of biotechnology companies through the USAID. Typical is the label one of the largest nonprofit organizations in the world of the OCA (Organic Consumers Association), which has more than 800,000 members and is active in the field of organic agriculture and general health, justice and sustainable development. The nonprofit OCA for two years has indicated that behind the project «Feed the Future» majors are mutated and accuse Barack Obama on the merits against small-scale and intensive farming with the sole aim to promote the interests of U.S. companies and replace "the sacks of wheat, rice and corn in bags with pesticides, fertilizers and genetically modified seeds. In short, where there is poverty, where there is famine, earthquakes and sinking, it appears that USAID promotes sowing the mutant. It is telling that when two years ago Pakistan was hit by deadly floods and more than 2,000 people killed and more than 2 million forced to flee their homes and their crops, USAID started a program for "resurrection" of the agricultural sector with the support of multinationals promote their engineered seeds, against the advice of local communities who saw the drastic changes to come and enslaving them in a different type of development model of agriculture.

The alarm was sounded, then the non-governmental organization in Pakistan «Roots for Equity» saying that "destruction is not yet finished. The greatest threat lies in the way the government is considering to restructure agriculture in collaboration with major multinationals. The provision of non-governmental organization was prophetic since, two years later, the grand plans for the development of large-scale agricultural crops, led by the multinationals, led the people of Pakistan in more poverty.

The next surge of USAID was in Haiti just after the deadly earthquake, where assistance for reconstruction was the signing of Monsanto, so that impoverished people can even lose control of natural resources were left to local communities.

Hunger and mutant

What can explain none of the various saviors of the planet and "Robin Hood" of poor and hungry people worldwide is how a planet has the largest excess food in history and at the same time most people starving. The data reveal that the food we produce in excess, approximately 50% of the nutritional needs of the inhabitants of the earth, while millions and millions of people starving adults and children suffering from obesity. And certainly not the rescuers to answer because the causes that lead to famine billion people have no relation to food shortages. The main causes of hunger is an unfair distribution, lack of access, poor harvests in recent years because of extreme weather events resulting from climate change to global growth in meat consumption, speculation in agricultural goods, the increase the price of oil and the processing of cereals for use as biofuels.

As has been noted occasionally by Greenpeace, the first global environmental organization launched the global campaign against genetically modified organisms, genetically modified foods is not going to feed the poor and hungry, having not even been able to increase production, only profits companies. It is also notable that most GE crops intended for animal feed and not for consumption.

The alarm sounded before 3 years and the UN's first report - assessment of world agriculture (IAASTD, 2008), which rejects the mutant as a solution to food crisis and rising food prices. The report also condemns the methods of intensive industrial agriculture and noted that the planet can produce more and higher quality food farming practices on biodiversity, human labor and nature.

The UN report was compiled by 400 scientists from around the world and called the strong warming in a radical change in farming methods to cope with the rapid increases in food, hunger, social inequities and environmental disasters. The drama marks the United Nations fell on deaf ears, however, as not heard and dramatic predictions of the scientists of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the UN three years ago had predicted exactly what parts of the world increase in prices of basic foodstuffs will lead to social unrest and conflict. It is especially telling that just about one month and at the same time in Davos, USAID and giant mutant did show for the salvation of the world starving, the Food and Agriculture Organisation stated once again that the price index of food arrived at in January - a record. As stressed by the makers of the FAO, the upward trend in food prices will not fall and finality that countries with low income and food deficit will be confronted with social unrest and societal impasses.

Crisis in numbers

According to UN estimates for 2011, the food crisis will create conditions for stifling 1,000,000,000 people. The price of sugar and meat in the highest levels ever recorded, while in 2010 the price of wheat rose by 47%, maize by 50% and soybeans by 34%.
Today more than 820 million people in developing countries are undernourished, of whom over 60% live in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. Malnutrition kills every year, 3,500,000 children under five years, while limiting the growth of other 178 million. Environmental organizations also indicate a direct link to soaring food crisis with soaring biofuel. As the environmental organization Friends of the Earth, the states - members of the European Union to invest more and more land in Africa will have to reduce their targets for biofuel, otherwise it will increase the proportion of people suffering from hunger and emissions of carbon dioxide in Africa.

The EU policy on biofuels and condemns Greenpeace, taking the view that plans for increased use in Europe over the next decade worldwide require 69,000 square kilometers of new land for energy crops. As the international environmental organization, an area equal to twice the size of Belgium would be converted into farmland and plantations by 2020, putting forests, ecosystems and poor communities at risk.

source http://www.topontiki.gr/article/14471

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