Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The wrong Targeting of the Emirates.

by Michael Balaroutsos architect

When the new generation of Emirates has decided that they should evolve and be employed by oil producers in the world of tourism entrepreneurship, investing doubtful, however, apparently did not calculate the economic crisis currently prevailing throughout the world and slowly grows. Possibly to know but the way they made and make the investments, indicate that ignoring the risk of a future failure.
What I mean.
Starting a new era in the barren desert, inviting the best companies in the world's best scientists, the most experienced engineers, the best materials, managed to change the entire landscape.
The sand was so fruitful and started to gain value.
Magnificent skyscrapers with the most intricate designs with the most futuristic design began to emerge in the desert, making us think that it is a mirage.
Gradually the projects exceeded even this fantasy emerges as artificial islands, altering the nature of course, while others created the first indoor ski resort.
And what can one say about the new City of Wonders.
The latest project by Emirates, the investment is an absurd utopia, and a rampant waste of money without any logical explanation.
Trying to figure out the intentions certainly good for investment in the booming economy, fell into huge dilemmas, such as ..
"Why a European or American or even Arabic, spend a tremendous amount of buying an expensive villa on an artificial island, and with much less money, you could buy a villa (or build from the beginning) into a real island in Greece, Spain, on the Dalmatian coast in the Caribbean for example. (to note here the better weather and greener mainland)
_ Why would someone buy an expensive house with views of a fake Eiffel Tower, while very few could acquire a property with views of the real Colosseum.
"Why anyone would prefer to ski in an indoor ski resort
Somewhere in the desert, it would be easier to visit the St. Morrits the Alps or Canada.
Taking into account also the fires and riots that emerge slowly but surely, it is the economic future that was chosen for The Emirates, it is ominous, and expectations have an expiry date. Besides, a war zone is always away customers, even after the expiration of any incidents.
Do not forget the turmoil that took place in Egypt and Israel to the bombings, which reset the Touring.
I could run out of many examples why the issue, but I will not dwell here.

However,based on my logic
If you ask, what ideas are more profitable for these countries would simply say .... Ask me ... ... there are many.
If you ask, what kind of tourists would this area ... .. ask me .... There are ideas.
Solutions that will not stop attracting the world. Solutions that will last a minimum term of twenty-five years.
Αt least to think of solutions, so that they have done so far, in a strong future of viability.




Glimpses of South Pasadena: Window Covering

I found this lovely  criticism for the splendid house below

They say that every house has a story to tell, right? This curious little 1920s home always tickles my imagination when I see it. I mean really, now... what's with all the windows? In lieu of any actual historical research, I've come up with some interesting possible explanations:
Maybe the original designer had a brother in the window business...
Perhaps an art collector lost everything in San Francisco's devastating fire and decided to move South to live somewhere with little wall space and great views...
In the roaring 20s, exhibitionism was all the rage -- its influence was felt even in architecture!
Well then, don't get me started on my latest fantasy. The one about a devoted husband and the wife with a brain tumor causing gradual blindness. "Just look at all the windows I've given you, darling!" He might have said, "Now you'll never be without light!"
source  http://southpasadena.blogspot.com
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