Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"Only borrowed the Parthenon Marbles to Greece"

The British Museum will not return the Parthenon Marbles to Greece but to the willingness to lend, "says director Neil Macgregor.
Specifically insert Spectrum newspaper The Sydney Morning Herald includes two-page tribute and interview the director of the British Museum Neil Macgregor on the occasion of a lecture to be given the Art Gallery in Sydney in presenting his new book.
Mr. Macgregor refers to the Parthenon Sculptures, noting that "these objects are only meaningful when displayed together, as a narrator throughout human history," therefore "necessary to find the best possible way so that everyone can the visit if they can be incorporated in the Parthenon. It also notes that although the British Museum has proposed borrowing in order of priority in Greece, but the Greek government "refuses to borrow.
My comment
According to the refusal of BORROWING, because in Greece do not tend to borrow, what sets us stole!!!!!!!

Spray Paint

by Michael Balaroutsos architect
I love these guys who paint the streets.
Most likely to be self-taught. Certainly not originate from noble and aristocratic families. But have noble heart.
With amazing speed, but with great ease of mixing colours, give paintings, a very high quality, considering the resources available to the implementation of them.
Using items such as caps utensils, newspapers, their fingers, but never brushes. In place of they have a variety of spray paints. And projects shall which result is amazing.A rating of excellence.
Without any model (the model for what they have in mind and soul) to lead a parallel with the great painters of the Renaissance.
You know what I conclude; These guys are better than those.
They nearly all of them (The regeneration era), attended art schools had support from their families by the royal courts from the priesthood. They became famous because their works were buying famous and decorated their houses and palaces of celebrity.
Of course, but the impulses of that era and other views. I would venture to say that the current stimuli are much more complex.
These children work in the street and not in a workshop.
Have the customer over their heads rather than waiting to work in 10 minutes rather than 10 months. Is a landscape painter without viewing the landscape is impressionist, cubist. Metaphysicians, doing portraits, and do not know spelling. These guys are true artists.
We must to watch them and to support them better.




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