Friday, April 1, 2011

Refusal of the British Museum to return the sculptures 2

I read the new interview of the Director of the British Museum, in the Australian newspaper, and I want to believe me, I felt immense shame, first on behalf of the world wide Hellenic, and secondly on behalf of all intelligent beings anywhere on planet earth.

The refusal of the British Museum to return the Parthenon sculptures to Greece to be placed in the Acropolis Museum, confirmed the museum's director Neil McGregor, noting that he has offered to lend in Greece for some time.
In an interview with the newspaper The Australian  Neil McGregor argued that the "most appropriate place to host the sculptures are the British Museum, which has always aimed to push every studious man explores the various ways in which people are organized in societies.

The British Museum houses more than 10 million precious and rare objects has the potential of over 1000 people and visitors amounted to nearly 6 million a year.

The article in The Australian newspaper noted that  Mac Gregor himself, speaking to the British Museum could not fail to mention the long controversy over the Parthenon marbles.

"The presentation of exhibits from different cultures together, one next to another and gives hope to promote understanding and tolerance of different cultures," he said and referred to the Athenian way of governance of a society as it existed in ancient times as "arguably the best" But he added that "it is important to remember that there were other ways to create a harmonious society, China and Persia.

"In Athens (marbles) can be considered part of Greek history and the London part of the history of the world," said the director of the British Museum and said "it is important to remember, especially we Europeans, that the Greek story is one among many others which are not even European. There is great risk I take it that the Mediterranean is the center of the world, which is not. "..................................

This strikes me created some conclusions and some of questions.
Let start with my queries!!
How is it possible (in my opinion, in the words of of the PRESS CONFERENCE) a completely ignorant and ignorant of history, to be director of such major museums as in London? Who knows this gentleman Neil McGregor? (perhaps only his wife).
Who is responsible for the British government, allows an ignoranta to insult an entire nation and the right mind global community?
What to imply i'm wonder, saying, ..... we European?
The Greeks  are not Europeans? 
Maybe he mean saying that the first civilization on earth, flourished in Britain, while in the Mediterranean there were uncivilized barbarians peoples, like the Greeks, Egyptians, Sumerians, etc.?
I am crying from laughter just that I think about.
Sir ignorant Mac Gregor, unfortunately for you, but ...
YES. The culture started from the Mediterranean.and YES Mediterranean is the center of the world.
Yes, Greek history itself is world history and does not allowed to steal.
Yes Europe (which is a GREEK word, write me if you want to prove it) started by Greece at the same age in your island, there were penguins.
And one last major ignoranta,
Nearby in the Faroe Islands, there is an ancient small island called Mykines.
You know why;
Because from the time of the penguins, we Greeks, we are the first that have discovered your existence.

Give us back now the STOLEN MARBLES.
by Michael Balaroutsos architect

Double House in Tilburg


Here three views of a Double House in Tilburg, Netherlands by Bedaux de Brouwer Architects, 2011.Photos are by Klaas5.
tilburg dubbelwoning zwijsenstr 01 2011 bedaux de brouwer (zwijsenstr)

tilburg dubbelwoning zwijsenstr 07 2011 bedaux de brouwer (zwijsenstr)

tilburg dubbelwoning zwijsenstr 05 2011 bedaux de brouwer (zwijsenstr)
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