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By Michael Balaroutsos architect
source original story by Vito Varadero

War is a bad thing. They agree even those that add the word "necessary" before the 
"bad". Anyway, however, creates great needs of man, training to extreme forms of survival
drives him to create from scratch. Many of the needs raised by the war have found an outlet 
in differentiated ways to weather peace and one of them, the need for flexible, robust and cost
vehicles, led to the industrialization of production motorcycles. Most appropriate soil found in the 
countries that lost the war, and we know know well.

Enrico Piaggio and Corantino D'Ascanio. Certainly then, immediately after the Second  World War II, will eat more pizza than is used to eat during the war. It is also true that work more, 
but then no one, other than the caretaker of the building-there was something special to say about them. Today know everyone and cause is the invention of the Vespa, the Scooter's 
best-selling vehicle in the history of the two small wheels. But then there was nothing more than two "disturbed", a inventor of light aircraft and helicopters (D'Ascanio) and donors, a "bike" Basically, with strange searches -see experimental products "Piaggio". Vespa but became fashionable, flooded the world and the latter, especially when trying to exorcise the horrors
the war is far from "gone" ...

When you open your eyes
He lost the war, won the peace the neighboring country. Let's see how it helped  Piaggio therein. Objectively, the need for light and cheap cars transportation was a sine qua non in the 
late '40s. Huge masses workforce should be located in industrial centers, roads were still 
in a terrible situation, public transport was be constructed from "heavy" industry, ie the most
bombed.The initiating, therefore,of Piaggio was clearly "in need" and let us not appear
advanced (see complexity) from a technical perspective: An engine with few components, easy to be designed and constructed, a skeleton could be built from simple pressa and sites for two
people. Be the Vespa. This was the invention? Absolutely not! Such projects there were only 
a handful of doses during the war even when need for fast and independence movements ... Paratroopers and commando in any form, was presented several hybrids with two wheels
simple, single cylinder, two-stroke engine. The clothing of all with "apron" not to dirty the
 rider from the wastewater in the sewer devastated the city layout is also known.  
Vespa was not the first scooter built and was still too early to determine whether was the
 best. What was it then, which led to the top of sales?

Two were "basically" reasons: the name and country of production. With this series or vice
 versa if you prefer. Explain ... A) Name: Dozens of motorcycle factories in Europe were well-
jobs, since the need for two motor was not Italian invention. Many motorcycles have 
great names, many factories had history and prestige, many products were, indeed, 
wonderful building, with excellent performance. 
None had so various pretentious name, "extremelly smart" and targeted simultaneously
 name photographing the sound, but also the way that moves a similar vehicle 
being maneuvered through the narrow city: Vespa="Wasp." All those who waited patiently
 (or. .. not) crammed in attitudes buses, trams and trains to stivachtoun and go to work and
at home, listening to ... zzzzz ......rumor of two-stroke engine said: "a Vespa," regardless 
of whether ultimately the sight proved that it was "Lampreta" or ... "Majko. "Chocolate with name,
So, fifty years ago! Listening and fantasizing. Ideal public,fired on sweating stops, the hard 
work and long hours daily, to walk or, go with the bike in the evenings. Along all these
that occupied by the cataclysmic rhythms ever-increasing urban centers, the people 
next door and only - who had the courage to cover longer distances (which sucked valuable
 time of rest)? B)The Country: United productive potential in the neighboring country, wealth of raw materials, excellent technical training resources, expertise, tested by war flexibility (in production) by all major units. The A? No, in our humble opinion. That B. Basic element, 
which claimed the product, was the combination minimum internal competition  in this particular type of motorcycle and the existence of 
many large cities in Italy. Indeed, the scooter did not face competition 
from similar Italian product and used the  most of the large internal 
market. Industry, started its production was quite high (even
at the start), near transit hubs of every kind, with excellent and rapid access to every corner  of the large Mediterranean country. A country with 
wounded pride (military defeat) and a strong nationalist consciousness. A country while others, equally developed producing, provided best weather for motorcycle and less corrupt (See England, France, Germany)
 road network. For example, ravaged roads in the cities of Germany called on big
 wheels two, so it flourished as' florettes'  the 'Shaks' and' Zundap " there. 

He played without a rival scooter, has established itself thanks to the great Internal 
Market without company in its infancy, to require the restrictive-in-laws imports that
 followed later,when it was necessary. The basis for development was given, it was time 
for next step exports. The port of Genoa and the railway Milan station was very close
 to the factory managers in latter, subtlety, pragmatists, with their eyes open to almost 
certainly direction ...

war vespa

Steel structure
H occupation of the single market was the first and necessary step development 
of the productive capacity of the plant. This helped to reduce production costs and created
 the conditions for expand sales and market penetration of scooters in the other European
markets. Today, we know that Vespa has created fanatics in all countries of our old
 continent. But then a few years after the war, the unknown Italian product had to seek "cores
support. Let's look at a few words what were they and why they turned to attention in their
 eyes ... created by the wasp factory in North Italy. 
As you'll notice in the text accompanying photographs, the manufacturer is not merely
 the creation of cycles, but he carefully the nature and depth of view. Mainstay latter was 
an excellent design, which enabled the economic construction to be considerate partner 
and proposal-while-on enjoyable and accessible for the tight economic times,human
 activities. We talk a lot using the word 'economy' so let clarifications little things.
Vespa had received much more, than it showed in a study-design and, unlike the compact 
and simple to the eye overall construction many facilities offered to the rider, so many that no one could not ignore.
the impossible

 Highlights of these.
As scooters require a passenger to sit up and not to ride, which opened a massive 
street entrance of the "patient" sex in motorcycling. An additional advantage to attract
 women population, the mild nature of performance, ease of loading and transport of 
small (bags, shopping days, etc.), the exclusion ofcase the driver is fouled by dirt road
 or the engine.Vespa had special attention in design, so that was a far Compared with 
other scooter-then-market and was very simple maintenance requiring minimal knowledge
 and effort by the engineer.
Score the embrace of the class of esteemed professionals, in the steel chassis, they saw
 a long-standing client require minimal time involvement with him, even the most severe 
service. More about this under "a motorcycle, a story»issue you hold in your hands.
 It is understood that the good opinion of engineers for the product, contributed greatly to 
the establishment of credibility as a partner because of scooters in the public consciousness.
 Outdoor simplicity, a large surface areas, tightening the lines. An ideal base for
 «customizing», ie the adjustment of the overall picture product to the personal tastes
 of each client. Ahead by direct apply to all human characters, no vehicle in two wheels did 
not offer such a range at the time. The «plastic» surgery, he had unlimited potential to
 bring the owner to cheap cost-market product, photographs of the psychological studies
"Vespista" and gave him the outlet to express many kinds of personal concerns, with 
grace and interesting style. Note that even the very the visual factory encouraged to
 Vespa interventions showing several rows of scooters distinct in appearance

We salute her ...
The three components mentioned, formed the axis on which
started to penetrate the Italian scooter in growing European
market vehicle. Low purchase cost and maintenance, a few (slightly to
competition) components allowed the existence of a complete stock
parts in all outlets, direction and towards the two sexes
customers. A "pop" broad-based product, capable of carrying one or more
passengers anywhere they needed on a daily basis, excellent in quality
individual components, since any visual and functional
renewal could be done with minimal cost and, more fundamentally, the
personal command of the owner. A base in steel frame, an own
daily companion, an inevitable success.
Piaggio escaped from Italian data, it became the largest European
manufacturer and made by Vespa (en general accepted!) a
unique-in the centuries to follow a record: With one
single product, arrived some time to become the second manufacturer
motorcycles in the world!

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