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Diodorus (Paper 4, 77) says: According to the myth that we surrendered, Minos, according to custom, devoted to the finest bull born, Poseidon and sacrifice to God. As the bull was born, then was a rare beauty, Minos sacrificed another of lesser value.
Poseidon became angry with Minos and made ​​his wife Pasiphae to fall in love with the bull. With the inventiveness of Daedalus, Pasiphae mated with a bull and gave birth to Minotaur of mythology.
He had a dual nature, the upper part of her body until the shoulders was a bull and the remaining human. It is said, therefore, that for stay the beast, Daedalus built the Labyrinth, which was helical passages and could not find the edge of those who do not know .There lived   Minotaur who ate the seven youg boys and seven young girls , sent by the Athenians ...
According to another variant of the myth: 1) When Minos asked Poseidon a sign that God may be almighty of the sea, then from the sea emerged a beautiful bull. Poseidon, Minos asked him to sacrifice to him, etc.. 2) Daedalus maκe ​​a nice bronze and wooden cow, clothed with the skins of skinned cows and in ,was closed Pasiphae.
And it was so wonderful structure, which the bull he thought for alive, becoming the monstrous sexual union, bestiality courtship, the fruit of which was the monster, the Minotaur or Asterios.
(This myth had also didactic - educational value. He wanted the time to show what results these bestiality, these defaults towards the divine etc)
Great Greece, didrachm Neptune, 5th cent. BC with the god Poseidon and the bull gaveto Minos, who after  Pasiphae bore the Minotaur

Selino of Sicily, 460-440 BC didrachm With Hercules harnesses the bull of Crete

Didrachm Thourii the bull of Crete, the Minotaur father. On the other side of the goddessAthena wearing a helmet with a representation of God's Ocean

Cannibals ancient Britons

The article is dedicated to European Mr IGNORANTA Neil McGregor Director of the British Museum

The ancient Britons ate their dead and they made cups from their skulls, according to new research.
Researchers at the Natural History Museum of London in southern England have discovered human bones 14,700 years old, which showed signs of cannibalism and skulls which were turned into bowls.
The soft tissue of the skull, found in a cave in Cheddar Gkoy'fa Gortzis the southwestern province of Somerset, had been thoroughly cleansed, was cut to remove the base and facial bones, and had smoothed and corners to create cups or bowls, aswrites paleontologist, Silvia Bello in an article published in the journal Public Library of Science journal PLoS ONE.

"It was generally a difficult process given the tools at their disposal," said Dr.. Belo.The researchers believe that the cups can be used simply as containers and in ceremonies.
"It is impossible to know if the cups used at that time, but recent examples show that we can put them in blood, wine or food rituals," said Chris Stringer, who in 1987 found a skull-cup.
An accurate cast of the skull-cup will be exhibited at the Museum of Natural History in London on March 1 and for three months.
Hey .....Mr European Director .......Give us back  the STOLEN MARBLES now......!!!!!!!!
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