Sunday, May 8, 2011

Holtun-Discovered lost city of Maya

source news and National Geographic News

Holtun (Stone Head),which remained hidden to centuries in the jungle to Central American rain forest of Guatemala, were able to see for the first time archaeologists, with the help of technology.
Found the oldest Mayan royal tomb. The discovery did not become today but in the early '90s, when local people observed that the point was gathered many scattered stones.
Immediately took action by the antiquities, which are digging, they discovered ceremonial plaster masks height three meters which adorned their tops of the main buildings of the city.
It was actually the remains of the "Head of Stone, a city about 100 buildings on the perimeter and the layout of which is now able to produce maps the scientists, with the help of GPS technology and electronic measurement of the distance.
The findings was impressive ... A seven-storey pyramid hidden in the vegetation and the soil, one astronomical observatory, one stadium, stone houses and other buildings.
From 600 BC Until 900 AC The Stone Head, was one regional urban center of the Mayan Empire with a population of 2000 residents.
The city was one kilometer long and 500 meters wide, while today, its buildings are buried under many meters of earth and vegetation.
"The new research is very important for this period. The Stone Head it may not was New York of that era, but it was certainly par to Denver or Atlanta, "said the"National Geographic News"Kathryn Reese - Taylor, an expert in Mayan preclassical period, from the University of Calgary Canada.

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