Saturday, May 14, 2011


by Yiannis Aeras

The letter!!

"Mr Papandreou

Sir Green growth
It may be in our country-Gavdos-one of the greatest minds of the Russians (-the 'begged' again the Russians to help them salvage the Kursk a few years ago-) have been put into practice with the rest of the group (-seven people-) green development in our island in GAVDOS, have the wind miracle of the cylinder even 10 Beaufort, where the giants stopped at 4, to create autonomy in terms of drinking water, to bring equipment condensation of atmospheric moisture by the Vernadsky Institute of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences provides the necessary amount of water estimated at 3 cubic per day, BUT THE GREEK STATE? Do not PERMITTED"

In order please read the Follow informative article:

A tiny dot on the map, and this rather than into all of maps, south of Crete. Gavdos. The most southern point of Greece and by extension of Europe. An oasis in the dry saltiness of the Libyan Sea. Here the conditions are reversed. The oasis is by the  sand and desert by water. Besides, Africa is a few miles closer than Piraeus. And no border treaty was never mentioned specifically in Gavdos.
Going after two hours the boat that took us from the coast of Sfakia to Gavdos, saw a biblical figure with tufted white hair and rumpled white beard, Soulis, trying to load fifty people in a brand new shuttle-labeled "Program Capodistrias "- that does not fit in theory more than thirty. The mismatched picture of the bus as compared to the driver and the border island was the first and last taste of modernization that would get on Gavdos. A few minutes later in tents on the beach of Agios Ioannis. It was August 15 and usually the deserted and full of huge sand dunes beach welcoming to persecute advocates of free camping all the islands. But this was only sent to the State forty-five Greeks and Russians, seven fifty two permanent residents of the island was that the shuttle. Seven Russians Yes, seven Russian scientists permanently resident in Gavdos. 
The hunt for Red October just started.
Three days later.
Vatsiana. Last village before the southernmost "observatory" for Saracen pirates, Cape Tripiti. According to our information in Vatsiana would find the Russians. The bus left us off from the only home in the village with signs of life and a question.
Good people are Russians, and is even an American with them, but what am I doing in this desert place I can not understand. told us the other bus driver John who is both vice president and the island. Do not worry, we'll know a little thought. A grandmother welcomed us. Now, now is gone to milk the goat. For the museum did not come? Maria Mariaaaaa you have visitors.
Then we noticed a wooden sign that hung over the house. Folklore Museum of Gavdos. Precisely at noon. The sand like everything on it was firing. Inevitably resorted to the shade around the huge wooden table on the terrace of the museum. The Lady Mary did not take long to appear. Do you want coffee and a pastry? could not resist the prospect, to drink a Greek coffee, which he made a itself. Can reasonable, measured in degrees Celsius, but to impose frappe coffee renew my appointment with the industrial preparation for a more urban environment. In Vatsiana a shivering of the Nescafe would be at least unnecessary if not stupid. We tried a little cake and halvas. The eggs are from Fatouros, my milk from the goats .... We were surprised, like this must have been the ambrosia.
After enjoying the treats it was time of revelation.  Kyra Maria opened the wooden door of the old stone house and rammed through. Huge logs constrain the plates of the low ceiling to avoid falling on our heads. Is cedars. We had a very tall old cedar trees on the island but are devastated and in years they stayed only shrubs. Cedar is the sacred plant of worldwide free kampistas while many sacrilegious we lit fires in the evening with them. The scent of burning cedar is something that gets into your nostrils when you do not ever forget. Neither the finest night flower can not match the scent of nectar rises from the burning cedar. Even his last heart-rending cry turns into a sweet melody evening object that covers the whole night lunar landscape of the island and makes you drunk. 
Cedar Cedar the most beautiful plant in Cedar Cedar toughest drug ........was the permanently song heard on the beach of Saint Ioannis.

A loose yellowish light allow us to distinguish in the same room the objects around us. The loom, the sieve, the plow and a lot of everyday things with which Kyra Maria had grown up believing the data and now have found it here hiding to fool the year.

The disclosure, however, had not come yet. An entire side of the specialty "museum" was the library. Stacks of dusty old books on crowded shelves. He stretched out his hand in curiosity. Download the first. Orwell's Animal Farm. Second. Nietzsche, Thus spoke Zarathustra. Third. Reich Listen man. Unbelievable. Any human being has read and half of them think that was a very satisfactory level. I find her grandmother. But how good were all these books here?
Are picking, Father Manolis years now. With so few libraries in Greece I'm sure it was definitely within the top five. And I do not speak for the environment because they are definitely taking the lead. The revelation came a few shelves but beyond. How such small pieces of paper managed to fit so much story:
"The sea area around us like a great snake
Guard keeps sleepless day and night the island
Send us the plutocrats of the Libyan desert
Why we called the right and the freedom of the people
You stranger who might come a day on this island
Not as a political exile, but by tourism
We know that inhuman robbed
here on the freedom of individuals"
poetry of George Mathioudakis, March 1932

If sometimes you see a dream that supposedly do a walk on the moon And that there is so much silence you seem to hear the fluttering of your soul while your heart beats like a giant pendulum. Watch Wretch me why you may be lucky and not dreaming but you're actually on Gavdos. We knew that Gavdos was a place of exile for the period of the dictatorship of Venizelos Law (sui generis) and between (1932-1939) and even in elite guests. Some of these lines may belong to Aris Velouchioti(Greek Hero of the Red resistance).

Priest Manolis, sat down and copied. These were carved by political exiles in the doors and windows of prisons. he said with emotion, the Kyra Maria. The whole island is hidden in that dark little room. It was like we had opened the chest with the treasure. It has long been a grandpa died? spontaneously asked The priest Manolis is my husband and soon will be here with us. Really, I think it is late already. Finally, sometimes it really better to chew than talk but I would like to 'has opened the earth to swallow me and gum which I had not I have. Indeed a few minutes later, priest-Manolis plainclothesman-appeared in the flesh before us.
What's sake. Could operate in any of the thirty-five churches that comprised the whole island. So you are looking to the Russians? Good people, good people and very hard-working. Now repair a church. Go after the eight to have returned from the wages. To be just below the house, the one with the windmill outside. I took the map and noted a red x in the part pointed out to us. Now we knew exactly where to go ...
Orphans former Soviet scientists ashore in September-is-in Karavas southern port official in the Mediterranean transit trade. Baggage few but each one was a horn of Amalthea, able to feed not just one but thousands of Zeus. It is the occult knowledge was born in Soviet laboratories, is the will and the belief that being a scientist is not redeemed by settlements, lack of vision and bulimics salaries will emasculation cats if they live well in the crystal multinational oil firms. There vision is Rhodes, and everything is ready for the jump ...

Lives and state.

Andrei Ntrosntov, white hair, talkative, the leader and the first to disembark carrying the stigma of a Chernobyl that marked humanity and gauges on Gkaigker pulled all nuclear physicists who rushed to assess damage on deaths. 'Take chemical drugs "said the doctors. Pens in remote clinics see their skin turn into charcoal. 'Not I'. Eliminates the activity with gymnastics. Sweats and survives. The only one of the hundred.
Boris Landa, Byzantine iconography with shade, an artist with the most important museum is outside the galaxy. A psychiatrist by profession in the spring of '68 while Soviet tanks sweep the streets of Prague dares to protest in Red Square with 10 others. Thus captured and preserved thanks to the perseverance of the American girlfriend of bombing the Kremlin with letters. 'I will burn myself in front of the mausoleum of Lenin if you do not release it. "
Exile in the land of 'free USA and School of Fine Arts. 'It was better in prison "he confesses.
Rest of and notexclusive.
Irene Karmazina, Ala Sahin, Alexander Gioudin, Ala Giaftoutsenko, Alexei Giousgin. "We did not know a word in Greek" ... pause. " The idea: Humans we are Humans are too, some would agree eventually and consult with the black clothes grandmother, by the Vatsiana that without terrified of strangers, grants them the ruined family home to draw the winter. What are you doing here? We are an experiment, an example that alter the course of the thoughtless, without second thoughts, remorse, guilty of destruction of the planet. "Information is everywhere on all the newspapers, television, radio, everyone knows the dangers but nobody does anything and we are not confident that the situation is now irreversible."
Just offer the only solution that we consider likely to allow mankind to live on New Year's 2026 and not permanently buried in the ruins, sickly earth dump the previous year according to our scientific calculations is the red area in the planet's strength meter . The technology of renewable energy, soft power is not theory or just for shows, it is a fact and can operate on a large scale this circumstance making the island self-sufficient energy, to set up water supplies. We are on the edge of the knife and the optimistic promises of self-righteous adoption of eg wind energy now lost in the mists of time must be urgently transferred to the present.
Warm night, meteors inexhaustible questions around the table in the living room of the house they built themselves, anyway they are the active workforce of the island. The point is to regain harmony with one, division, alienation, insecurity creates passive acceptance, blind faith in rickety obvious and the absurd hope that civilization will survive. But if no one played it? We forget this sacred number of global cosmic unity, the ONE and recurrent smothered other numbers with infinite zeros billion in isolated tail.
As we believe in our science is just as we believe in the harmony of Pythagoras andthere based on our hope for this world which we have come here for renounce asretreatantsbut in order to demonstrate practical that hope is real, tangible, achievable.we look them. What do you mean exactly? That is what makes this world? But the answerindirectly mystical already taken. "If people gathered, they will know by itself what to do... '
Anyone who has lived even a few days to a barren island bar is easy to understand thefull dependence on the lives of residents from the weather. We can be reached by boatwith oil, water and other goods that seem to "manna from heaven? " Well, why not turndisadvantages into advantages, why do not we seize the time instead to exploit us that?
The project of Russian scientists on Gavdos has to do with the autonomy of the island's water and energy through renewable sources. And it is an international project that takes place in the islands of Venezuela and Australia with the network of Russian scientists to come and go between Latin America, Mediterranean, and Oceania.
The winds may impede the boat to reach the island, but it is a prime source of energy. Our own windmills do not stop at 4 Beaufort for not break such as those installed in Aeolian parks. Continue until the ten, says Andrei proudly showing it already installed in their yard. He has no form of propeller as those of Siemens, but it is a perforated cylinder. The sun is another source of clean used. So meet the energy needs of an average family calculated at 5-10 k Wt day. A diesel generators turned on only in emergencies.
Another obstacle to be overcome in one borderline desert island is that of lack of water. If the house is located near the beach, the team proposes a solution to the desalination of seawater.
Otherwise, a device condensation of atmospheric moisture by the Vernadsky Institute of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences provides the necessary amount of water estimated at 3 cubic per day. Also, the existence of water supplies on the island would create the necessary conditions for the development of agriculture.
However, it is fair characterization of the whole project as an experiment just because it proves that it works in practice. Currently the team is waiting for the green light from the community of Gavdos, so that all the inhabitants to take advantage of technological innovations.
Of course, here one should not forget and the sociopolitical implications of the issue. Ceases to exist the dependence of the island - and each island - from the central administration that has forgotten anyway. Characteristics say that all roads are dirt roads of the island, or rather with bumps, beside the point between the port and heliport. You see some years ago visited Gafdoo president and have formed the view that should he and the cameras accompanying him.
What they have to say however the scientists themselves about it?
For us it is not an experiment, but a bet on the survival of the planet who can not accept another rape from petroleum. It's absurd. Burn oil to carry oil from one place to another and the nature gives us the goods free of charge. We are able to determine the expiration date of the planet. It is in two decades ...

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