Monday, May 16, 2011

Dominique and handcuffs

Admire this powerful man who condemns the poor people to death from starvation. 
Admire the man who directs the economically weak states to hand over their property.
Admire, this child of purity and of Justice.
Admire  him ,the Inquisitor of the International Monetary Fund.
Still trying to understand, WHY comes to my mind the story of Jeanne d' Arc.
Thank you America, you do not do exceptions  in justice, yet.......!!!!


However one thing is certain.
The whole scene is set up at the expense of the IMF officer.
Why only that, the chambermaid open the door and saw the naked Dominic, causes many laughs and many questions.
Usually are chambermaids, especially in the expensive HOTEL, enter in rooms, basis of regulation, if it is empty.
OF COURSE, since they receive instructions from the reception ..

On the edge of my mind I see a relationship, Gaddafi-Sarkozy and NATO-C.I.A-Elections in France, Sarkozy Preferred
Coincidence? Do not think............

The Shoe House


Who says that house exteriors have to be conventional (besides your homeowner association)? Web Urbanist has a great review of home conversions, showing homes made from barns, warehouses and even fire towers. The re-use trend has fired up some unique architecture in cities and the suburbs.

What? You claim to be a traditionalist? Then look over these examples of traditional architecture. If you need a serious refresher in the shoe house legend, try Kermit.
Pennsylvania: Uniquely traditional
Thanks to Roadside America, I’ve found The Shoe House, built in 1948 by shoe magnate and millionaire Colonel Mahlon M. Haines. You’ll find the house at 195 Shoe House Rd. in Hellam, PA. Read more about the house.
Shoe architecture from way down south
Proving once again that folklore is universal, this shoe home in Mpumalanga Province, South Africa, features an inspirational stone house exterior with a fancy toe piece. Bring the family!
Nice architecture, eh?
This house in on Kitseguekla Lake Road in Smithers, British Columbia, provides a sanctuary for when the kids are not oat.
Traditional shoe house exteriors for farm country......
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