Saturday, May 28, 2011

A letter by Mikis Theodorakis to the suffering by the crisis, Greek People

Mikis Theodorakis  composer

"We welcome the dozens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of our citizens, especially our young people, gathered in the squares of all the major cities, protesting their indignation to the Memorandum, memorial, asking the government to leave the shame and all the civilian staff administered a public office , destroying, pillaging and enslaving Greece. The position of all those not in the House, is in jail.
We welcome the first General Assembly taking place in the center of our cities, the direct democratic striving to discover for a first time  movement of our youth.

We welcome the employees of public companies, which began yesterday by protests, strikes and occupations, defending our state that desperately needs, not the planned demolition of the IMF, but a radical improvement and reform.
With the strike, the employees of the Bank, PPC, OPAP defend our own property, property of the Greek people are now trying to loot foreign banks, by a puppet-government in Athens.
The exemplary nature of peaceful demonstrations showed that when police and agents provocateurs have not got a mandate to intervene, it opens up your nose. We urge the Greek police not willing to become instruments of the dark forces who want course, at some time, to bloodshed our youth and workers.
Their position, their duty and their interest is on the side of the Greek people, peaceful protest and the claim is on the side of Greece and not in the side of foreign forces underlying the current government policy.
One year after the adoption of the Memorandum, and the stones even admit his failure. After this experience is no longer any illusion. The way he continues the Papandreou government, led by foreign banks and services, Goldman Sachs and European officials, leading to the destruction of Greece. It is imperative to stop now, it is imperative to leave now.
Every day that goes by their actions admit how dangerous it is for the country. We wonder why the prosecutor has not yet intervened against the Minister of Finance, on new statements on the impending bankruptcy and empty pockets. Why does not interfere with the statements on the euro, leaving the President of the Federation and the Commissioner.
Why not intervene in mass terror, by which a bankrupt government, in cooperation during the dictation of the troika is trying once again to blackmail the Greek people. With the Titanic, with intense, with all that come and say to frighten the Greeks managed to humiliate the country and internationally to drive really on the brink of bankruptcy.
If a company director talked about his business the way the Prime Minister and his ministers speak of Greece, will now rotting behind bars in prison sentenced for gross dishonesty.
Directed at the peoples of Europe. Our struggle is not only a struggle for Greece, is a struggle for a free, independent, democratic Europe. Do you think your governments, saying that you are supposedly helping Greece with your money.
Do not believe the coarse, outrageous lies of dirty newspapers, who want to convince you that the problem was supposedly because the Greeks are lazy when it works, according to data of Eurostat, more than all Europeans! The crisis is not caused by its employees, and triggered the use of the large financial capital and politicians in the services.
The major banks and only those programs help their alleged salvation, they just imposed by the policies and governments that have acquired the economic model that led to the current crisis. There is no other solution than a radical restructuring of the debt not only in Greece but throughout Europe.
Can not the banks and holders of money that caused the crisis, not pay a single penny for the damage brought about! It can bankers be the only secure job in the world!
There is no other solution than replacing the current economic model for Europe, is made to create a debt, a return to a policy of stimulating demand and growth, and protectionism in the active re-Money.
Or our nations will dominate the markets, or will be swallowed, and with them the Republic and all the achievements of European civilization.
The Republic was born in Athens, where Solon wrote off the debts of the poor to the rich. Let us now allow banks to destroy European democracy, to wrest the fabulous sums themselves created as debt. How can it be suggested to govern the Central Bank of Europe, a man of Goldman Sachs ... What kind of government, what kind of politicians we have in Europe?
You're not asking you to support our struggle for solidarity, not because of our own soil born Plato and Aristotle, Pericles and Protagoras, the ideas of democracy, freedom and Europe. No special treatment because we endured as a country, one of the biggest disasters in Europe fighting for not prevail in our continent fascism.
We ask that you do for your interest. Leaving now the Greek, Irish, Portuguese, Spanish society is destroyed, the altar of debt and the banks will soon come your turn. You will not prosper amid European social ruin. We were late, but woke up. Wake up yourself.
Let us build together a new Europe of development, democracy, prosperity, peace, worthy of the history of the Games, the spirit. Resist the totalitarianism of the markets, which threatens to break up Europe, making the Third World, to put one European nation against another, to destroy our continent, redoing contemporary fascism. "
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