Monday, June 13, 2011

Incredible photo, by the Rotation of Earth!

Seems unbelievable but absolutely true. The camera of an amateur, "captured" an image which the words are difficult to describe.
A clear sky, an camera, a tripod, the light from the ... neighbor's living room and a little patience. These needed the amateur photographer Andrew Brooks to photograph the Earth's rotation! Everything else, did the gravity.
The photograph published by the Telegraph newspaper and was shot in the city Denial Bay, a fishing village on the edge of Long Bay, Australia.
Brooke has used the rotation of the Earth to reach the desired result. It took 36 minutes for each photo, but left the camera shutter open for 18 minutes.
"I went out a night and fascinated by how clear was the sky. I set up the camera and came back into the house, I made a cup of tea and sat down to see football, I needed patience. When I went back to the camera I was awestruck with what I have captured. It was an impressive picture, "said the 42 year-old man in the Daily Telegraph.
The nearest town is about 800 km, which means that the sky is not affected by the city lights and the stars are even more clearly in the "naked" eye.
Due to the season of the year, the position of the Earth was the most appropriate for taking such a picture.

Tiburtina Station in Rome, Italy by abd-architects

source- Architecture Building Review and News

The Tiburtina Station that located in Rome, Italy, was designed by abd-architects. With the completion of the Italian high speed train system, Tiburtina station will become the main stop on long distance trains increasing its visitors from 22 to 50 million annually. The more centrally located Termini station, Rome’s current main rail point, will then switch to serve the increasing commuter traffic.
The renovation of Tiburtina station in eastern Rome has been talked about since 1984 and alas works have begun. The operation is complex as it involves resizing the station, regenerating the surrounding areas and adding a stretch of road to improve the local traffic.
The architects in charge of the station redevelopment are roman based ABD Associate Architects lead by Paolo Desideri.
The new design is a bridge over the existing spinal chord of the rail tracks. It aspires to be a station at international level and a meeting point at neigh neighborhood level. It will be a bridge but also an urban boulevard that will reconnect two areas that had long been separated by the tracks: the residential Nomentano and the more rundown Pietralata.
The Bridge-Station is designed with flexibility of space in mind: inside, suspended multiply purpose volumes have been created and vertical support structures have been eliminated to help reduce the impact of vibrations coming from the trains whizzing past below. Similar to the tongue of a bell, thanks to gravity each suspended space will soften the vibrations transmitted by the container.

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