Friday, June 17, 2011

Once Upon a Time In Athens: LOYKANIKOS.The Legend of The Riot Dog

"Loukanikos" (sausage)
It is one of the protesters who lives all day in Constitution Square in Athens ... The reason for "Loukanikos", a legendary dog,  smell directly the demonstrations in which participate with his own-canine-way! The BBC released a tribute in his honor with a video of the best moments.
Commandante Loukanikos
The stray dog "Loukanikos" (sausage) is a worthy successor of the "authoritarian" Kanelos ( Cinnamon) and is always between the protesters and for a strange reason ... especially dislikes all police forces. Almost in all the photos of the marches on Syntagma Square, distinguishes by the cinnamon coat. The Loukanikos has already 5,247 fans on facebook.
Faithful friend of the indignant Loukanikos, who descends without interruption in Constitution Square, earned the title "Dog of the insurgency", but also a tribute to the website of the BBC!
"A faithful protester was at the forefront when the police threw tear gas Wednesday outside the House of Representatives," refers the article in the BBC website Friday (17.06). He continues by saying: "The stray dog, named''Loukanikos''is here for many years at the heart of the action."
The BBC even completes the tribute for the sausage, giving video with the most significant moments.
Loukanikos is from the first day to the Constitution by participating "actively" with indignant protests. In general it is very quiet and accept caresses with pleasure, and there has never attacked anyone.

But a photograph published on the Internet has caused an outcry, particularly in animal welfare organizations. In this picture, showing the Loukanikos and two policemen on board a motorcycle. In the photograph, a police officer has been picking up the clubs, most likely to hit Loukanikos ...
Anger at the brutal riot against the dog
Notable is the Groups created in honor of Loukanikos in facebook: "loukanikos - for Prime Minister of national unity" or "the dog does not miss any protest."



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