Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Simply because Me Loves You" ... by Nana Nestoros

by Michael Balaroutsos architect

Volos the city of Jason and the Centaurs, has a strong tendency to create great artists.
It is the birthplace of Giorgio de Chirico, is home of the famous composer Vangelis, is the cradle where several young guys waiting their turn on the WAY of light and success.
Through these young guys, who have purpose of life, art and creation, singled out  my friend, Nana Nestoros who love poetry.

Nana Nestoros

Nana Nestoros is a new young activist writer of poetry and prose, from Volos, Greece.
Her real name is Ioanna Nestoros Katsioura . She was born in 2nd June 1981.
She’s an economist, also balkanologist , as well as a member of the Economic Chamber of Greece.
Writing has been her personal hideaway since she was a child, as she admits. Her secret world of an alchemist, creating magic filters through poetic words.
Until now two of her poems (“Getaway” , “Simply Because Me Loves You”) have been awarded in international poetry contest, organized by Fountoulis Conservatory in cooperation with the International Art Society.
By autumn her first two poetic collections are to be published.
Nana for years has been an independent activist for the environment and human rights, cooperating with several non government organizations. Worldwide struggle for human rights is a deep source for her writing inspiration. She calls people from all countries to fight for their rights to freedom of speech. 
Nana Nestoros will be the organizer of the event “100 THOUSAND POETS FOR CHANGE” in Volos, Greece. She also cooperates with theatrical actress Olympia Giannikaki and co-activist Sofia Patraskaki in organizing the same event in Thessaloniki. This is a worldwide event taking place in more than 200 cities around the world in 24th September 2011. The idea of the event was inspired and proposed by American writer and editor Michael Rothenberg.
The event will be a worldwide call form artists to the people for change, environmental protection, global peace, protection and fulfillment of human rights and other similar issues. More information about the event you can find here:

This is the winning poem, and I promise that I will present further her own masterpieces later.

Spires of Milan Cathedral Silhouetted at Sunset Milan, Italy © Corbis. All Rights Reserved.

"Simply because Me Loves You" ... by Nana Nestoros

You're gonna touch my hand
And the lights of Cosmos will spread out into my soul
And a celestial deathly silence will give its place
To divine chants
You're gonna look me in the eyes again
And the Earth will seize your impulse
It will quake and spurt the lava
Again, you're gonna say to me “I love you”
The glow not going away from you, not even for a moment
And Nature will conspire with us
For a hunting to which no other has ever been alike
Along together we will run to capture life
Not ever letting it go away
And let us trap Peace under the dome of the Universe
And hook it tightly
Upon the sun rays and the arms of the stars
Thus like a veil, love will fall around humans
Just Simply because Me Loves You

~ translated from Greek, Nana Nestoros~
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