Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"Syros island, the jewel"

story by Michael Balaroutsos architect

Architecture and everything related to art, to thrive, we need a unique component. Freedom.
Through this, without restrictions and rules the imagination of people achieves great things, and leaves as a legacy to future generations, their masterpieces .
In Greece, freedom always has its price. Since ancient times, due to its geographical position, was obliged to be involved in several clashes with neighboring peoples, conquering and conquered. Once conquered, broadcast culture, and when conquered, everything stopped.
But there were some cradles that are not conquered that remained freer than in mainland Gρεεψε. These cradles was and are the islands.
There, the culture continues to be preserving the ancient culture and beauty of art. There crossed the Greek culture with the foreign word of naval engagement, bringing a remarkable effect on the landscaping. Sometimes resisted foreign influences while maintaining the traditional color.
It is known that Greece has many islands, big and small. A one is more beautiful than the other, and several times wondering how long you need to visit them all, perhaps years.
An island of what is really worth to visit everyone, is SYROS.
A real diamond in the middle of the Aegean Sea.

Once again I want to focus on Greek photographer Yannis Larιοs.
Perhaps the best photographer in Greece and one of the best in the world.
Yannis with his unique ability to capture clear images, playing with natural light and gives the true moments, shows this island with an amazing way. Emphasizes the natural beauty and architectural look. Captures the art and generously gives us.
Watch the video below and you'll understand.

for more fotos and video from Yannis Larios visit

see you there...!!!!