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Top 10 ARTISTIC poses with swimsuit in cinema

You have purchased the best swimwear; You got all the accessories that complete the package for the beach; Do you suffer from the diets of the last minute and melt the whole winter at the gym; Ready; The only thing that unfortunately you can not buy is the style. Take, therefore, courses styles with a swimsuit from the best of its kind.

By Elena Bouzalas on

Straight back, chest out, shoulders back. Suck belly and quietly shake the water from your hair. These are the simple and basic, when you leave the water. Strike a pose, but how to get the pose?

1. Ray Winstone: U. .. Sexy Beast
The ... retired gangster Gary (Ray Winstone) makes the air in his face beside the pool, wearing the yellow costume, under the Spanish sun and making the best: Costa del Crime, posturing to the British cinema. Gold in the neck and hand ,complete the style, which will be cropped once up Ben Kingsley ...
2. Joan Collins: Our Girl Friday

The young but looked a little from what would become when I grow up, Joan Collins argues that this is the first time that bikini worn on the big screen. In this comedy of 1953, known in the USA as The Adventures of Sadie, where Collins and Kennneth More, George Cole and Robertson Hare , stranded on a desert island.

3. Elvis: Blue Hawaii

Elvis returns from a soldier and instead ... to continue to produce records, begins to make movies ,after a decision by the manager. The Blue Hawaii, became the biggest selling soundtrack of Elvis in 1961. In this contains the "Can't Help Falling In Love" and "Rock a Hula Baby". The success of the movie raised the wave of "beach party" movies.

4. Ursula Andress: Dr No

Bond's girls are so timeless, as much as he. The emerging, however, Ursula Andress in "Dr No" of 1962 is perhaps the crowning moment of swimwear in the movie. The Halle Berry tried to repeat in 2002 in "Die another Day" in an orange hue, but failed ...

5. Sean Connery: Goldfinger

Can the blue overalls spongy appearance of Sean Connery as a Goldfinger Bond, to be much longer passes, but the image of Bond calmly with the towel back and the gold buckle on the average in Miami, is a historic moment on the big screen vests. Daniel Graig (to me I really like) tried to revive the scene with the blue shorts in "Casino Royal".

6. Keira Knightley: Atonement

Even without a breast, the arrogant Keira Knightley manages to reveal a white swimwear always difficult, especially when wearing swimming cap!

7. Keanu Reeves: Point Break

Keanu Reeves, dressed from a cop in surfer  trying to infiltrate in a gang of athletes - bandits. The scenes on the beach, the uniforms and the eroticism of extreme sports is a success and it is no coincidence that the name, Keanu, means cool breeze in the Hawaiian ...

8. Romy Schneider: Inferno

A French invented the bikini in 1946 and perhaps the greatest French film made ​​in 1964, when Romy Schneider delivers in doctorate level , lessons of jealousy. Although the film was never completed and the mysterious puzzle of the failure of trying to complete the documentary of Henri-Georges Clouzot in 2009, Romy is a Goddess.

9. Esther Williams: Million Dollar Mermaid

The former swimming star Esther Williams rather than to represent America at the Olympic Games swim beside the cinematographic Tarzan, Johnny Weissmuller (has the sport). The discovery by the MGM, was one of the most marketable stars and inspired the aquamusicals. The biggest role was as a mermaid in "Million Dollar Mermaid", which portrayed the Australian swimmer Annette Kellerman.

10. Alain Delon: Plein Soleil

By Alain Delon in 1960 tried to steal the otherwise talented Mr. Ripley, Jude Law, 1999. Although did not fare bad, the tanned and unbuttoned Jude, only a Frenchman can be looked in this way on a ship ...
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