Wednesday, July 20, 2011

L House: Japanese-inspired sustainability | Busyboo Design Blog

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The L House is a Japanese-inspired family home in Culver City, LA. It combines both modern and traditional thinking, influenced by elements of zen. As opposed to some people who buy a starter house and then upgrade from there, this couple wanted to build their dream house and make it their lifelong home. A truly sustainable approach.
In terms of sustainability, the house is designed with a tankless water heater and recirculating pump for near-instant hot water, 26 solar panels and a foam cool roof, which reflects heat back to the sky rather than having it absorbed into the house, cutting cooling costs by up to 15%.
In the yard, water use is kept to a minimum via gravel and drought-tolerant hardscaping.
Traditional Japanese features are integrated both inside and out; the engawa deck is a place where guests are often greeted to sit with a casual cup of tea; at the entrance there is ample space for removing and leaving one’s shoes; and the communal master bathroom, located in the middle of the second floor, features Muji bath stools for washing off.
The larch rainscreen covering the second floor give the house a light appearance and also provides privacy. Though it’s difficult for outsiders to look in, the openings between the slats of wood let the family sneak views to the outside.

"GETAWAY" by Nana Nestoros

Another an award-winning poem offers us to the blog, our beloved friend... NANA NESTOROS

"GETAWAY" by Nana Nestoros

Happiness is slipping away under the cracks
And the moon, hurt, is oozing on the window sill
The leaves are chanting, with a rustle, the getaway
The rushing torrent
The getaway
To these traps of loneliness I stand across
With eyes shut in fear
With voice caged inside my liquid ego
With blood crystallized in the thin veins
Having pain digging my lungs
Having my happiness dissolving in the dark
Like stardust
Nothing can change the moments of sadness
Neither a phony smile
Nor a real smile
For there's no way for it to come out
The only way to enjoy sorrow
Is memories
Everything has passed now
Everything is sweeter
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