Friday, July 22, 2011

Parthenon claimed as a guarantee by the Finns ...

As a guarantee for their participation in a new economic "aid package" for Greece, the Finns claimed the mortgaging of the Parthenon, according to Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, which refers to diplomatic sources.
"As a necessary condition for granting the new loan, Finland during the feverish negotiations at the summit, called as a guarantee public goods such as the Acropolis and some Greek islands," wrote the Italian newspaper.
Indeed, the Finns "costing" the Parthenon in 300 million!
Corriere della Sera, however, did not avoid the temptation to ask:
"Will they leave the Parthenon, on point and I will rent or taking him with them in Finland?"

...........My opinion ?
I wonder if in Finland have the "stupidity" as a national sport.

Pentagonal House: Geometrically Organic | Busyboo Design Blog

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Sitting on a very limited lot, this small house features an exceptional pentagonal shape. The structure is a one-story private home, featuring a compact space of 87 sq. meters. You might think that because of the small size of the overall space and the irregular shapes inside the house, the impression would be crowded and uncomfortable - but that is not the case. The result is modernly beautiful.

The unique shape of the structure creates irregular interior spaces with sharp corners - spaces that are in need of creative solutions and wise planning.
One of the most prominent features of this structure is a system of walls, connected to the center of the roof, gently dividing the open space; wooden elements and white walls beautifully combine, looking almost organic, like a flower.
At the center of the space you will find a pentagonal-shaped dining table - a smaller version of the structure itself. With its high ceiling and the way the space allows the eye to connect with each room in the house, this is the ideal spot for entertaining family and friends.
Small lighting fixtures are embedded in the ceiling; the kitchen design is contemporary, combining bright orange and white colors. Large glazed opening surround the house, opening up to the garden and creating a sense of continuity.
The pentagon-shaped house is situated in Tsushima, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.
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