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Edson Cordeiro - Τhe unknown 4 octaves

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The famous 4 octaves of Yma Sumac meet the unknown 4 octaves, of the No. 1 male sopranos in the world ...
Edson Cordeiro - Οι 4 άγνωστες οκτάβες

Born February 9, 1967. Hometown of Sao Paolo in Brazil. At 6 has already begun to sing.
"Cordeirinhos do Senhor" is the name of the first chorus in which it participates.
Quits school at nine years old, wanting to follow his vision (- "street singer" -) was, he wanted todo.
With the Queen of the Night aria by Mozart and by, his own conception execution, gets his firstexperience in broadcast and presentation.
Since then he has toured across the world ...
Keeper the technical of natural talent - having the way to impose on stage smartly andbeautifully, has become as the sole interpreter of any song.
Performed (as Vocalist) so beautiful and certainly all kinds of the music.Μoreover These four - 4 - octaves , is a very powerful weapon for Edson, making him the No. male sopranos in the world.
The passage from the world with his performances confirms the potential and talent, and greatsupport with his presence, his natural charisma.
The obvious comparison with the Yma Sumac is not accidental.
The same is she talented, also of four - 4 - octaves ...
The range starts from of the traditional songs of his homeland Brazil crosses the classical repertoire and extends to modern rock and the Jazz (traditional and modern).
With his favorite song of Yma Sumac - Babalu - the aria of the Bizet Carmen and all the other great tracks that component his repertoire, become "tantamount" major of the Opera internationally.

Mozart : The Queen of the Night
Mick Jagger : I Can't Get No Satisfaction


Carmen Bizet

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