Friday, July 29, 2011

Modern Cabins: CristalBubble | Busyboo Design Blog

The CristalBubble: A See-Through Cabin
Remember we told you about the beautiful treehouse design from the French guys at BubbleTree? Well, now they’ve designed a new and exciting collection, that revolves around a sphere-like shelter. This modern interpretation of the cabin offers a unique experience under the stars while keeping all the comforts of a bedroom suite.
Who can say no to spending a quiet night with their loved ones within a transparent bubble, opened to nature and the surrounding landscapes…
Designed by Pierre Stephane Dumas, the collection includes the completely transparent CristalBubble, the semi-transparent BubbleRoom, and the BubbleLodge which includes a second sphere to be used as a second bedroom or bathroom.

This unique nomad villa is a real outdoor/indoor living room. It features a 4m-diameter sphere, made of special, anti-fire and an anti-ultraviolet rays, plastic. It takes just 15 minutes of inflation time, and no planning permission is required.
The space keeps its bubble shape thanks to a blower which creates a soft pressure. This pressure allows for air renewal, creating a healthy atmosphere, without moisture, mosquito, dust or allergens. Composed of rigid frames, the entry lock of the hut allows you to circulate within the bubble without deflating the main structure.
“Minimum energy, minimum materials, maximum comfort, and maximum interaction with the environment…”
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