Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pixel House: Pixel Perfect | Busyboo

 source Busyboo
Published in Modern Architecture | Japanese Architecture, Small Houses


This 1200 sq. ft house, in Heyri, South Korea, is the small home of a young family with two
children. The owner is very interested in breaking down the boundaries of private and public, educational and residential uses, and is planning to use his backyard space as a community center during the day, and as part of the private living space at nights and weekends.
Situated in a hilly landscape at the far end of a row of houses, the structure looks like a small- scaled, pixelated rock. By using simple orthogonal bricks, the smooth shape is digitized into discrete units.
As we all know the number of pixels determines the smoothness of a digital image; the smoothness of this house is determined by the brick module - the result is a 9,675 Pixel house (1 Pixel = 1 Brick).

Inside, the house features arched ceilings and rounded walls. A built-in library extends from the bottom of the stairs upward to the second floor, completed by a long and narrow study space.
A glass door breaks the shelf unit and leads to a small outdoor terrace, bringing in ample of natural light. Colorful, movable walls open up to private living areas.

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