Saturday, August 13, 2011

Myths and Legends about the full moon of August

Myths and mysteries surrounding the moon (in ancient greek SELINI), from acquisition world. The man believed that the moon-like sun-affected everything around him. Thinking that led to cults, beliefs, calendars, ways of life and work. Associated with germination and decay, health and illness, birth and death.
Sister of Helios and Eos, in one version, SELINI (the moon, Luna) got its name from SELAS (the aurora), which means light and sparkle.
Many beliefs and convictions remain unchanged today. Some believe that the days when the moon grows, are more favorable, that herbs should be cut at specific stages, and even for general housekeeping should be taken into consideration, the most suitable positions.
Myths relate it to the lunar calendar based on cycles of phases. According to Greek mythology, the goddess acquired fifty daughters-as many of weeks and a lunar year, with Endymion, to whom Zeus had given him eternal youth and sleep. SELINI meet him at night in his cave, in the mountain Latmos of Caria, where he slept.
The ancients imagined the movement of SELINI (the moon) in the sky, like flying or riding like animals like the mule, the goat, the deer or even a rooster, all sacred symbols. The her chariot, pulled by the oxen, horses or deer. Explain the disappearance, eclipses ie, as a work of a beast or of evil spirit which devoured, so they used these days to make a lot of noise to frighten the beast and leave it in place.
It has been lauded many times, from ancient times. Characteristic is the Homeric Hymn to the Moon (SELINI), which describes the unique way that gives hints of the goddess on earth and in the air when the float rises, after bathing in the waters of the ocean, wearing a shiny gold dress and tiara. As for the contemporary references, it would be difficult to find a poet or lyricist who has not written a verse about the moon (SELINI).

The full moon of August
For centuries, legends talk about the situation that someone can come during the full moon, reflected by both the Greek word lunacy (epilepsy, possessed) and the English lunatic (from luna meaning moon), that is crazy. In popular perception has been associated with an increase in suicides and seizures, but this has been scientifically proven. Faith, moreover, that a man can be transformed into a wolf during the full moon is depicted in the tradition of many peoples.
Even more special is the full moon of August. Perhaps because, shortly after sunset or sunrise, the in full fase of August moon becomes purple, but also bigger and brighter because of the smaller arc that appears on the horizon.
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