Tuesday, August 23, 2011

MYTH AND COINS-The misprint coin of ancient Smyrna


This is a very rare Greek coin of the 2nd century BC from Smyrna in Asia Minor.

On one side depicts Cybele bearing head a wreath eg tower, while the other bears the word Smyrna in two rows. Below contains the monogram of the judge's of that time , Metrodoros.
The coin in his time was misprint because PRINTED doubled on the front side, which depicts Cybele.
The uniqueness of the currency is just that ... misfortune!
It is rare to see a coin that came out double printed from the ancient mint and in addition was not noticed by the auditor and was in circulation at that era.
Coins existed misprint at all times. The controller shall identify them and sent them for melting. The illustrated escaped and fell into our own greedy attention!
Usually the double print occurs when the hammer jumped with the stamp on the coin and the coin, as it was blazing, had duplex printing on its surface.
Thus came a spoiled Cybele, with two faces .... And this is what makes to the Coin be wonderful and rare!
The coin is classified as a double tetradrachm which followed the Attic standard print. It is silver, 16 grams, diameter 28 mm.

There is in a private Swiss collection, where we find the well-printed tetradrachms of Cybele.
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