Sunday, September 4, 2011

Filettino.A modern Gallic village at the heart of Italy!-The art of being free.

By Michael Balaroutsos architect
Filettino of just 550 residents, employs these days the whole world, after the mayor's decision to declare independence from Italy. Cause of the uprising are the reductions announced by Berlusconi in local government. Indeed, the Filettino minted his own currency.
According to recent measures of Berlusconi, Filettino (which is only 100 km from Rome) will be merged with the municipality of Trevi, which will directly lead to the dismissal of the mayor, Luca Sellari.
Sellari, as a modern Asterix, decided to declare the independence of this tiny town, always with the support of its few inhabitants, who accept it as a monarch.
The case of Filettino has become so famous that even the New York Times rushed to speak with the mayor, who said "if it needs to maintain its autonomy Filettino, this will do."

Stellari and city state standard
 Sellari-who since childhood must be watched very Asterix-proceeded to cut local paper money, called Fiorito and bring up the the form of itself.

The history of Filettino has attracted the interest of many tourists who arrive in the small village to get as a souvenir, the collectible banknote , since the plans for independence had been known for some time.

If Sellari find an Obelix for a partner, then Berlusconi will have a serious problem.
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