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Recently, flood is frequently occurred in many regions in Vietnam, especially in Mekong Delta region. The demand of evacuation of local residents from the flood-stricken areas is considerably high. Therefore, the idea in design of architectural model made from the low-cost materials is necessarily raised in order to make high speed construction and ease in transport. In purpose of helping residents in the flood-stricken areas to make the temporary houses, tents, school classroom, as well as in business purpose, such as cafe, bar, resort, the model of wind and water bar (wNw bar) is proposed in the initial design. wNw bar is a structural bamboo arch system with 10m in height, spanning 15m in length. The main frame is made from 48 units of bamboo elements. Materials using for the roof covering are the sheets that made from the leaves having the high resistance in fire. Bamboo trees are popularly growing in many places in Vietnam. Traditionally, bamboo is treated by muddy soaking and smoking out in order to lengthen the service life of bamboo. In order to overcome such large span for a construction made by bamboo, most important mission is to do the test of full-scale model together with structural calculation. The location that selected to do the full-scale test is an area of 5000m2 in Wind and Water Cafe, which has been awarded the gold medal in the Arch Asia Contest and the second prize in the International Bamboo Competition). Together with the Wind and water Cafe, the full-scale model is built to be a wNw bar. The wNw bar is located in the center of Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong province in the southern region of Vietnam. This will become a cultural center for the local residents. The construction site is located in the man-made lake, using the natural wind energy together with the cool water from the lake to make the natural air-ventilation. On the top of roof, there is a hole with diameter of 1.5m having the function to intake the hot air inside the bar to go outside. The wNw bar has been built by local workers in duration of 3 months (from October 2007 to January 2008). By using materials, manpower and construction method as above mentioned, the wNw bar becomes friendly not only to the environment but also to the local residents. Because of energy saving during the construction as well in the operation, even those in the stage of emolishment,the wNw bar seems to be born from the nature, harmony with the nature and return to the nature. Measuring up to the target issues for sustainable construction Quantum change and transferability -wNw model is constructed from 48 bamboo units, has reached the height of 10m, span of 15m and fulfills criteria of low-price, easy adaption and saving energy(in either constructing, operating and waste recycling). -Advantages above give this model the ability to serve the 2 following functions: 1. Prefabricated Housing : Temporary prefabricated houses, classrooms, evacuation shelters, etc.. for residence in flooding areas( floods occur annually in the far-south Vietnam : Mekong Delta lower section due to geographical characteristic and become more and more severe each year) 2. Business purposes :Cafe, bar, resort, etc...- Although long span Bamboo Construction is a innovative technology, it is easy to assemble, reutilize due to its unitization therefore can be widely used. Ethical standards and social equity Low-price investment and rapid assembly promise a probability of development among low income classes or in emergency situations at disaster sites. Moreover, its solution of low-tech construction also creates extra work for farmers to increase their incomes. In this study case, bar wNw creates a group of bamboo constructions for entertainment providing cultural communion spaces for the community. Ecological quality and energy conservation -Usage of natural materials : bamboo, which is local and easy to find, and its rapid growth help reducing construction energy such as concrete producing energy, steel refinement energy, etc.. and also minimizing construction waste after service-time. Besides, natural ventilation and cooling system based on natural wind create a tremendous natural air conditioning system and helps lowering down operating energy. While outdoor air-temperature of Southern Vietnam is constantly high throughout a year, which can be up to 35degrees Celcius, the interior temperature remains comfortably normal as approximately 25 degrees Celcius. -The whole structure of this model, except for its base, is ecologically made of bamboo to be in harmory with the surrounding nature. Economic performance and compatibility Cost of one model can be minimized by using local materials such as bamboo (1USD/1 unit) and low-price labour forces(4.5USD/person/day). Assembly system helps reducing labour energy to shorten construction time and lower management fee andalso promises the probability of reutilization and specialization. wNw uses only natural ventilation to reduce expenditure onoperating and maintenance. Contextual and aesthetic impact This new architectural style is in harmony with the surrounding residential area and becomes a focus of the landscape. Even in thisstudy case, although wNw has a function of a bar, it still has its own uniqueness and can be a landmark of urbanism.Representing not only modernism but also traditionalism, the building can bring out the luxurious feelings but still remains gentlyclose to human. 

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