Friday, September 16, 2011

The miserable of Athens and The choreography of the economic crisis .

by Michael Balaroutsos architect

A perspective on the events of June this summer because of the economic crisis.

The truth is that nothing go well on the economy of Greece.

Responsible for this is all the "politicians" who for purely their own interests, left purposefully evolve this situation in the economy. Do not forget that most beneficiaries of such a situation is the government and the "courtiers" of them.
The past summer in Greece, a heroic people came out in the squares to protest after the unbearable tax, financial knelt all households. But faced with the violent police reaction with many unforeseen consequences for the coherence of the society.

Because these child are the guardians of the laws and the institutions of democracy, are also members of the society. Are some of us the son, brother, father, congenital. They are also victims of the crisis because their salary does not exceed 750 euros per month. But some foolish and callous politicians, some who are afraid do not lose their seat, who took with so much work, they put these kids to strike people. Unable to disobey orders of superiors, they did. What I worry is that we taxpayers paying their salaries, to protect us. Instead of this they strike us.

The government, called the protesting people as "anarchists" and "terrorists."
Do you think that this situation does not concern you? A similar situation was made a few weeks after,  in London. May soon see them in your neighborhood.

The following photos are violent. The reason displayed in the blog is in order not to forget. Probably through the winter to revisit such scenes, because taxes are falling like the rain. I put humor to explain with a little irony in what happened that day, perhaps with humor to soften their cruelty.



The police are helping citizens who suffer of panic attacks.
A brain of a terrorist organization
Police with tenderness protects wounded civilians from the anarchists
Another mastermind of terrorists trying to hide his identity.
was recklessly and knocked on the head. ... by a baton!!!!
I get it ... do not get it. ... if see me to smoke?!!!!
The police shows the panicky public that should be moved to the right to be saved by the anarchists.
I wonder what is be hidden in the BAG ....
ready for the trip
A police officer it helps a citizen to get up, while a second dance to raise the morale.
Where are the restrooms? .... from there you go !!!!!
The officers dress a citizen who stripped by terrorists
Guys, I will not get dressed ...... let me down.
The famous GREEK signals. In America they do otherwise. They raise the middle finger. It means I love you ....
Anarchists hunt innocent pensioners, while a special police agent under-cover helps him to escape.
Citizen who just was saved by law enforcement, out of gratitude kiss their feet
This photo has been circling the world
Police, with postgraduate studies in China lunch crackdown on noise.
Notice the look of the drummer.
The police engaged in ritual dances to encourage our ministers to do the right thing.
Detective removes citizen, away from tear gas
shocked .. Santa Claus is a terrorist?
Detective wipes the blood from wounded civilians
This means ... First Aid
Detective demonstrates a citizen how painless and flexibility the baton is
There he is ....... He is the Head of terrorists ...... Catch him .....
please .... do not  tickle ......
he slept .... we go more slowly, do not wake him up ....
Cops protect old man lie down to rest and Muslims making the lunch prayer. Protection to all regardless of age or religion.
unlikely, these anarchists ..... call Zorro for help.
take care....!!!!

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Photos by Michael Tonkin.

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