Friday, September 23, 2011

Eco friendly city designs for green communities of the future

by   Rajeev Kumar

Eco friendly city designEco friendly city designs for green communities of the future
As we know it
The major challenges that urban planners may face in near future will not only be limited to providing space for the ever increasing urban population but also designing sustainable cities that can themselves mitigate issues related to climate change and global warming. As such, they will have to create designs that will not only help sustain the environment but also bolster human-nature relationships.
Need for change
There are many reasons that argue for the need for change. Such as:
  • Many cities of the are expected to be submerged in water because of rising sea-levels due to melting of glaciers as a result of global warming.
  • The population of cities are expected to increase tremendously and become a burden for existing infrastructure.
  • The non-renewable energy resources of the world are depleting rapidly and newer sources of energy are needed to be developed for bulk use.
  • The present city lifestyle has created a kind of vacuum in the way we interact with nature.
  • For developing a viable model of public transport.
  • For ensuring that the future generations inherit a sustainable, if not better, planet from us.
What’s Next?
1. Dalian Aeropolis in China is going to be an eco friendly city

Dalian AeropolisDalian Aeropolis in China is going to be an eco friendly city
What’s new
Dalian Aeropolis has been designed with the purpose of giving comfort to its inhabitants and promote sustainable living. Designed by a French architectural company, NDA Design Associates, it is expected to become the largest air hub in Northern Asia. According to estimates, it will host about one million people and handle about 25 million passengers annually.
What difference will it make
This city would boast of many eco-friendly credentials and can become a model for future megacities. In order to ensure water availability for a large population, the aeropolis will have several artificial lakes constructed after taking aside the top soil of the sea. The developers would also undertake the task of development of local communities and develop a green sanctuary as well.
2.Sky District vertical city design will keep people green and fit

Sky District vertical city designSky District vertical city design will keep people green and fit
What’s new
So far cities have dwelled upon horizontal space on the surface of earth. However, the Sky District is first of its kind model of a ‘vertical city’ that would mostly dwell upon the surface area of the sky. The city will have multiple vertical floors that can be accessed by elevators. People will be able to move faster because of the absence of curvy roads. Also, the city will have thermal windows and passive ventilation skins for regulating house temperature and desalinization plant for getting drinking water from oceans.
What difference will it make
Sky District may solve the problem of space constraints that all cities are facing today. It will promote a better and healthy lifestyle for the inhabitants. Since different blocks of the city has been arranged vertically, people would involve themselves in lots of physical activities and interactions.
3. GOMMA Design’s Coral City eco-village

Coral City eco-villageGOMMA Design’s Coral City eco-village
What’s new
The design of Coral City eco-village in Philippines’ Quezon city is inspired by self-organizing living system of the coral reefs. It will be a green city with half of the space occupied by parks and playgrounds. It will also have inter connected canal system and electric vehicles only. The city has been designed in a ring shape for best structural performance and steel as well as locally popular bamboos are used for the construction.
What difference will it make
The design of this city can be seen as a role model in our fight against climate change. It has been designed to ensure 30 percent less energy consumption. Moreover, photovoltaic panels planted all across the city will reduce the amount of carbon di-oxide in the air .
4.SOM Architects to design Green Tech City in Hanoi

Green Tech City in HanoiSOM Architects to design Green Tech City in Hanoi
What’s new
Green Tech City in Hanoi is being developed as a sustainable city for about 20,000 people in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. As such, it will emit less carbon and consume less energy as well. The city will undertake various green activities like canal water cooling, use of renewable energy for heating and cooling, waste recycling, rainwater harvesting, and a flood management system.
What difference will it make?
This city has been designed to harness natural environment for creating comfortable urban micro-climates for people. Also, it has been designed to maintain the local traditions. That means, people would be able to live in a new sustainable abode while also nurturing their culture.



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