Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fantastic garden with wooden sculptures

This particular garden-exhibition, located in Melbourne and is filled with numerous wooden sculptures in harmony with the natural environment. The artist has a wonderful sense of humor, which is evident in full-scale sculptures that are scattered in a garden magic!
Sculptor Bruno Torfs, did not want his work to be sold and so 10 years ago decided to create this garden. Gradually created a theme park that will impress young and old visitors.

VILLA RONDE-archello


By the japanese coast, this building includes a private museum, a guest house and a resort. It is thought as a wide free organic space in which rooms can be closed or in continuity to each other around a patio. The round shape is the best to cover the beautifull view around as well as to resist and glide in the strongs thyphons winds. The building itself seems to grow from an hill in which air system circulate to ventilate permanently the house.
Everything is thought for the best thermic natural ratio with a double facade for protecting from winds and sun, as well as the roof is covered by 30cm of earth ncluding a watering system .
The building takes the same color from the rocks as it was emerging in the green. Inside it is thought as all the rooms are connecting with each others and making like a huge gallery or a wandering house. Windows looks like holes used to focus the importants points of the landscape and to keep the space privacy


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