Saturday, October 15, 2011

Queens Cross Church by Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Submitted by Andy Marshall
I went to Queens Cross Church last weekend with low expectations and one eye on my watch.
Groomed by countless texts as to it being regarded as one of Mackintosh’s less wieldly designs, my expectation was far superseded by the thumping reality of a beautifully controlled work of architectural art.
Here, we can forget the light and sparse Mackintosh of later fame, and enjoy a building which on first impression has a masculine composition enhanced by the exterior solidity of mass. Further absorption conveys a structure of subtle creative detail, sculpted light and shadow, and pure genius in terms of the becalming spatial qualities.
It has Yin and Yang.
I took some photographs of the interior (below) and found myself being drawn in by the myriad of compositional techniques Mackintosh has used to convey the beauty of the church. He has an artist’s eye as well as an architects.
I left feeling slightly let down by my architectural colleagues who’s opinion had prolonged my stay away from such a wonderful building.
Queens Cross Church is now the worthy home of the Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society
Here is a selection of the images I took on the day ( I took them on a high ISO and am sorry that I didn’t have the tripod and a full day at the church)
Books on Charles Rennie Mackintosh at the fotofacade book store
Andy Marshall is an architectural photographer and commentator. More here
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