Saturday, October 22, 2011

Future buildings

by Michael Balaroutsos architect

Thoughtful several times, tried to determine the status of being an architect.
What is the architect; What determines the architect? What is the architecture? How would the world be without architecture? Countless questions, but one answer.
Art .....and the Architect is the creator.
Architects have always existed, even from the time when man lived in caves. No matter if studied or not. This feeling is inherent in each of us and as it grows in, it progresses or remains in a state of somnolence.
The last 20 years however, this feeling of creation, evolved with giant jumps, making many to scare. Woke up of thinking capabilities, beyond of any imagination.
When we were young kids and we read the comics magazines, admired the fantastic drawings of cartoonists to Metropolis of Superman , in Batman's Gotham city.
We now realize that these cartoonists, architects early in fact, predicted the future. And the future is here. A future that continuing rapidly development of every day every minute that passes.
The paradox is that these thoughts are presented the right time, in my opinion.
╬Ąhink about, how we characterized the the Middle Ages, if somebody show the world one of the designs that you see in the video below.
We characterized magicians, charlatans, demons, and the Inquisition punished us on the pyre ...
Enjoy the video,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Festival of Lights-Berlin

The Festival
The Festival of Lights is one of the largest illumination festivals in the world. Every year for twelve days in October, BerlinÔÇÖs world-famous landmarks and monuments are dressed in spectacular light. German and international artists and lighting designers present extraordinary illuminations, light art and creative designs. The festival is accompanied by numerous cultural events, all exploring the theme “Light”. The festival is an admission-free, top artistic event for an audience of millions. It generates massive media interest worldwide, and as a result, promises real sustainability.
The Festival Worldwide
In the past seven years, the Festival of Lights has evolved into a brand with international appeal. Our concept of presenting world-famous landmarks, monuments and spectacular architecture in a totally different light has been met with an enthusiastic welcome.
More than 400,000 extra overnight stays have been registered in the festival month of October. (Source: visit berlin). Millions of images showing new perspectives of the city are transmitted throughout the world.
Now, under the brand “Festival of Lights”, even more cosmopolitan cities will put on their very own festival, becoming part of this family of lights. With this unusual form of artistic expression of an entire city, we create new opportunities and connections for people, art, culture and media.
Follow us on our journey through the most impressive cities of the world, which will progress with well-planned timing as the various festivals open around the globe.
More information to follow shortly.
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Time guards by Manfred Kielnhofer

The constant struggle with concepts of space, sculptures and installations as well as the engagement of mysticism and primal religions led the Austrian artist to create “timeguards“. The first timeguard was built in 2007 and is reminiscent of a withdrawn monk. Kielnhofer likes to present his sculptures at exciting locations. They appear and disappear. You can never anticipate where they will show up next time, reminding us that we are never unobserved. Every one of our actions is seen by the guards and evaluated. They were already in existence a long time before humans populated the earth.
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