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7 Most energy efficient skyscrapers

Energy efficient skyscrapers

Energy efficient skyscrapersSkyscrapers.
The high buildings with many stories that can be seen standing towering around the urban cities of the world are called skyscrapers. When such tall buildings are built making use of eco friendly methods, they are referred as green skyscrapers or green buildings. Green buildings require latest innovations that help in making earth a better place to live. Today everyone is concerned about the ecological balance and are striving in their own way to maintain it.
Green skyscrapers are energy efficient in comparison to the ones made from timber or steel. There is no doubt that such building construction cost at least 5% more than the normal constructions, but these buildings save around 50-70% of the energy costs. Here is a collection of the top seven energy competent skyscrapers in the world. Some of these buildings are previously constructed and some are under construction.
1. COR Tower, Miami
Energy efficient skyscrapers
Energy efficient skyscrapersCOR Tower, Miami.
COR Tower is a unique and easy to identify structure with openings on its outer surface. This is a 25-storey green skyscraper that can be used for residential as well as commercial purposes. It is one of the greatest eco towers in the world with features such as the wind turbines, recycled glass tile flooring, photovoltaic panels; bamboo lined hallways, solar hot water generation as well as energy star appliances. COR Tower hosts over 113 residential units, 5,400 square feet of retail space and 20,100 square feet of office spaced.
COR Tower is a projects designed by Chad Oppenheim; Ysreal Seinuk, the structural engineer and Buro Happold, the energy consultant. The project costs around a $40 million.
2. Urban Cactus, Rotterdam
Energy efficient skyscrapers
Energy efficient skyscrapersUrban Cactus, Rotterdam.
This building would look like a stacking toy to you. Urban cactus actually looks like a pile of irregularly rotated discs. The people living in this 19-storey building are lucky enough to comprise abundance of natural sun light that fall on the terraces. This is an extremely creative building structure that makes one wonder how imaginative the designer would be.
3. Green Lighthouse, Copenhagen
Energy efficient skyscrapers
Energy efficient skyscrapersGreen Lighthouse, Copenhagen.
Green Lighthouse is a carbon-neutral building that is situated royally at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark. The building is said to offer 75% of fall in the energy.
This is achieved by means of the architecture and not with the assistance of any advanced technology. This building is a home to the University of Copenhagen’s faculty of science. Students get answers to all their questions that are associated to their studies, exams and carrier.
4. Fusionopolis, Singapore
Energy efficient skyscrapers
Energy efficient skyscrapersFusionopolis, Singapore.
Fusionopolis is one of the biggest green skyscrapers in Singapore. The designer, a Malaysian born and UK based, Ken Yeang’s vision was to design a remarkable building promoting the go green culture in between the busy Singaporean streets. The building’s green infrastructure has a vertical spine of planting that rises high by the side of this 25 storied structure. Each floor of the building is decorated with landscaped garden terraces.
The building is constructed as such that natural light is directed to the inside of the building through prisms that repel the light falling on them. Its irrigation and drainage system have also incorporated Green elements in it.
5. Pearl River Tower, China
Energy efficient skyscrapers
Energy efficient skyscrapersPearl River Tower, China.
This tower is known to be as the zero-energy eco skyscraper. It is said to be the greenest buildings ever built in the world. Situated in Guanzhou, China, the building is designed making use of innovative structural techniques, solar design and passive wind by the architectural firm Skidmore, Owings and Merrill.
6. Greenway Self Park, Chicago
Energy efficient skyscrapers
Energy efficient skyscrapersGreenway Self Park, Chicago.
Greenway Self Park is the first ever eco friendly parking garage located in Chicago. The whole building is makes use of power generated by the six wind turbines that is placed at the southwest corner of the tower to offer electricity for its exterior lighting. Its green roof offers a perfect solution for the issues of rainwater runoff and urban heat. When you look at this building you won’t realize that it is a parking facility. Spans across an area of 15,000 sq. feet. This 11 storey structure contains around 725 vehicle parking spaces. This parking garage includes a parking for bikes, plug-in stations meant for electric vehicles and spaces designed for car sharing services.
7. Waugh Thistleton Residential Tower, London
Energy efficient skyscrapers
Energy efficient skyscrapersWaugh Thistleton Residential Tower, London.
This is a residential skyscraper located in the Ramsgate Street in London. This is a 14-storey building is a new attraction in East London. Its important green elements include the wind turbines that provide about 15% of the tower’s energy requirements. The turbines produce over 40,000 kilowatt hours in a year but that depends on the speed of the winds. The most interesting part is this skyscraper saves release of around 7 tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year.
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