Monday, October 31, 2011

Chateau de Guedelon-A NEW... Medieval Castle

Some read about medieval castles in fairy tales, others create them!

Situated just two hours south of Paris, in an almost deserted area, an unusual architectural building aspires to become a giant copy of a medieval castle. (Pics + vid)
An archaeologist determined not only aimed at making his dream a reality. He constructs an international landmark, a castle "come out" from the Middle Ages!

In a quarry without any particular signs of life, but in a very "convenient" area rich in timber and stone, medieval castle Gu├ędelon made by a passionate group of people who use authentic medieval techniques to build ... remained on the shelf the last 700 years.

After years of discussions, plans and ambitions, the archaeologist and owner of the region Michel Guyot, organized a "surgical" precision shot of the construction of the castle located in Treigny, France. The castle was given a breath of both the local economy by creating jobs, attracting crowds of other tourists (the latter more than the 300,000 a year).

But it would be possible to build a castle from scratch, using only traditional tools and materials?
It wondered Michel Guyot before beginning construction in 1997.

In deciding to use one medieval building techniques, ie without the help of cranes, bulldozers and power tools, it is certainly impressive! Moreover, this was the project of the exercise.

Who is the owner of the castle Gu├ędelon Once completed, around 2024-25, remains a mystery. It will probably continue to be a tourist attraction, surely many of us would like to visit sometime.
(So ​​will the final image. Moreover, we said, brick by brick and in 14 years will be ready!)
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